Is 'The Bachelor's Cassidy Dating Someone? Here's What You Need To Know About The Contestant

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Is 'The Bachelor's Cassidy Dating Someone? Here's What You Need To Know About The Contestant

The unfortunate reality of The Bachelor is that many times, a villain is also a frontrunner for the lead's heart. And it seems Cassidy on The Bachelor will be both on Clayton's season. But besides frustrating the other women with her overconfidence, clips of Episode 2 show that Cassidy may be dating someone other than Clayton, with ABC teasing that she has a "secret side piece." And you better believe the other contestants are going to use that information to bring this villain down.

In a preview for Week 2, Cassidy is seen not caring about a child's birthday party, stealing Clayton during a group date, and talking about being a frontrunner. All classic villain behavior. But another clip shows her confiding that there's a guy she's been casually seeing. "There's one guy I've been hooking up with on and off," Cassidy tells Sierra. And then Sierra is shown telling Clayton, "She was FaceTiming him right before she met you."

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This clip sure makes it seem like Cassidy will be the cause of her own downfall and that her reign as frontrunner/villain will be short-lived. Here's what you need to know about the controversial Bachelor contestant.

She's Confident

Cassidy's ABC bio says, "Cassidy is a bold, blunt woman who isn't afraid to say how she feels or do what she wants." The Bachelor bios are always a bit melodramatic, but her Instagram (her Facebook has the privacy settings on lockdown and she hasn't used her Twitter since 2012) does seem to indicate that the bio speaks the truth. Whether it's calling herself "really cool and funny," or asking "did ya miss me?" when she returned from her Bachelor social media hiatus, or writing "ngl you guys it's been an especially good day to be Cassidy Timbrooks" on a caption of a photoshoot, Cassidy is embracing that "bold" personality she has.

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