Brandon Clearly Won Meeting The Parents On 'The Bachelorette' — A Side-By-Side Comparison

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Brandon Clearly Won Meeting The Parents On 'The Bachelorette' — A Side-By-Side Comparison

Before we see an engagement on The Bachelorette, we get to see the final two "meet the parents." And while Brandon technically already met Michelle's mom and dad (LaVonne and Ephraim) while wearing her dad's swim trunks, Tuesday night marked both Brandon and Nayte meeting Michelle's parents, on neutral ground.

While both meetings went well, I'd be lying if I said there wasn't someone who seemed to come out on top. (At least for LaVonne, Michelle's mom, who told Brandon she hopes he's part of the family. Subtle.) But I thought it would be helpful to compare the final two's "meeting the parents" and see where they stack up.


  • When Brandon walks up LaVonne says "it's so good to see you again" and "thank you so much, honey" when he hands her flowers. Major points.
  • He hands her dad a gift that contains swim trunks to make up for when he borrowed his. (GREAT move.)
  • Ephraim asked about Michelle being a strong, powerful women and Brandon said that he was raised by a strong, powerful woman and that he supports her dreams.
  • Brandon asked how Ephraim would feel about him marrying Michelle to which he responded, "If she picks you, we would gladly adopt you into our family..."
  • When LaVonne asked about him moving to Minnesota and his job situation, Brandon replied that he would definitely move and that his job is remote. LaVonne replied, "Check!"
  • While getting teary eyed, LaVonne said to Brandon that she "...wants someone whose genuine, somebody who will put her first, and I can see it in your eyes that you really love her...and you would be welcome in the family...I would be so happy if you were here at the end."
  • LaVonne says that she could “picture Brandon being her [Michelle's] best friend…he really has won my heart.”
  • When saying goodbye to Brandon, LaVonne says she really feels like he’s part of the family already.


  • Right off the bat the body language is very different.
  • Ephraim calls out that there's a "different vibe" with Nayte and that Brandon is definitely "warmer."
  • Ephraim tells Nayte that he hopes that he feels the same way that Michelle feels for him. (Subtly calling out that he's not seeing that he's in love with her.)
  • Nayte tells Ephraim that the logistics of where they would live are still up in the air to which Ephraim replied, "interesting" and continues to tell him that Michelle has been pretty vocal about how she wants to live in Minnesota.
  • Angela, Michelle's sister, asks him about moving as well and challenges him about staying in one place and being content. Nayte replied that he hadn't given it that much thought and that him and Michelle have a list of adventures that they want to go on.
  • LaVonne challenges him on his readiness for an engagement telling him that she's "...still not sure that at the end of this that you really feel like you'd be ready for an engagement...honestly that's how I feel. You feel real reserved and... I'm not sure you're 100% in...You're not real open with your emotions, I don't feel. You're saying them but I'm not quite feeling them."
  • She continues saying that she's worried that Michelle will choose someone thinking they're ready and they are not.

In Nayte's defense, he has owned up to not being good with his words and that he's working on it. Also while I think the concerns about where they are going to live is valid (see Katie and Blake for reference), having someone be more reserved with you the first time meeting you is not that out of the ordinary. Brandon is clearly a words of affirmation guy and wears his heart on his sleeve, while Nayte appears to be way more physical touch, and there's nothing wrong with that. So let's give the guy a bit of slack.

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