What's Brandon Been Doing Since 'The Bachelorette'?

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What's Brandon Been Doing Since 'The Bachelorette'?

Tonight's the night, we finally get to find out who Michelle is engaged to! We'll have to wait until ATFR to see if they are still engaged, since the recent Bachelor track record isn't too great. But if Michelle isn't still with Brandon or Nayte, then love is dead and there's not hope for the rest of us. (Dramatic? Maybe.)

The hopefully happy couple (Michelle and either Nayte or Brandon) have been together now for 3.5 months since her season stopped filming in early September. That's 3.5 months of sneaking around at "happy couple weekends," or nursing a broken heart. But also living life! Which is why I wanted to check in on Brandon and see what he's been doing since the show ended filming (and see if his Instagram could give us any clues as to what happened in the finale).

He said goodbye to his brother as he left for the military

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It warmed all of our hearts when Brandon's brother Noah delayed going to the military so that he could go to Brandon's hometown on The Bachelorette. In November, Noah left to serve for the military, and Brandon posted this sweet tribute to his "best friend."

He's been figuring out how to spell protein

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We love to see growth in our Bachelorette contestants. Whether it be emotional growth or just... spelling!

He's busy being a dog dad

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Maybe I'm reading into this, but I feel like this is a picture you post if you're trying to get someone's attention. Considering it was posted Nov. 5, after filming, could this mean that Brandon was trying to turn heads and perhaps... catch the eye of someone special if he was still single?

He's been spending time with his family

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It's the subtle integration of "family" infused with Bachelorette content for me. I also have to appreciate the caption in which Brandon owns the corniness he brought to the small screen early on in the season.

He's been living it up in Portland

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His LinkedIn says he is still a Vendor Staffing Specialist and the picture with his dog was taken by one of "Portland's best," so clearly Brandon didn't go to Minnesota after filming. Then again, this could all be a ruse and he could have had these images saved on his phone for an easy red herring. But from the looks of this, Brandon has been in Portland since filming, perhaps hinting that he doesn't win the season.

Image: ABC

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