Cody & Aaron's 'Bachelorette' History, Explained

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Cody & Aaron's 'Bachelorette' History, Explained

Katie Thurston's first night as The Bachelorette was heavy on the quirky entrances, light on the drama. At least, that's what we thought until, all of a sudden, Aaron dragged Cody outside to aggressively inform him, "I don't like you bro. Like, I've never liked you and that's fine." Um... OK? Whatever was happening here, it seemed like Cody and Aaron had some pre-Bachelorette history, and I think I've figured it out.

Cody and Arron's Night 1 confrontation came out of nowhere and disappeared just as quickly, leaving us all extremely perplexed. Even Katie was confused as she live-tweeted the episode. "Learning there was drama between Cody and Aaron on the first night. But why?" she tweeted. But why, indeed.

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Both Aaron and Cody's Bachelor bios reveal they share one thing in common: they're both from San Diego, and while SD is not a small town by any stretch of the imagination, there is one small community both bros belong to: the fitness community. One look at their Instagram pages, and it's clear they have overlapping interests, specifically when it comes to sharing pics of them flexing and lifting weights. But does this prove a connection? Not quite, that comes courtesy of Mammoth Labs Supplements, a supplement company that tagged Cody in some promotional images.

Looking through Cody's tagged posts, I figured I'd check Mammoth Labs Supplements out since Aaron also seems like the kind of guy who would do promo for a supplement company, and there he was on their official Instagram page. (Interestingly enough, Aaron has hidden most of his tagged posts from his Instagram profile, so these won't come up when you look at his profile. However, he is clearly tagged in the promotional images.) The two don't appear in a promo together, but given how small this company actually looks, it seems reasonable to assume that they've met in some kind of professional capacity.

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At the very least, they run in the same circles. As Refinery29 sleuths Natalie Morin and Ariana Romero reported, Aaron and Cody don't follow each other on Instagram, but they do have some friends in common, including Cody's apparent ex. Maybe Aaron knows something unsavory about Cody's past that we don't know?

Also worth noting: Box man James Bonsall might be able to fact-check whatever feud unravels between Cody and Aaron. He also runs in the gym/body building/fitness modeling circles of San Diego, and Aaron's friend Chaunce Andrew Hazelton Jr. (another Mammoth Labs Supplements model) posted about James' Bachelorette reveal on his Instagram. Coincidence? I think not! (Seriously, did Bach producers just put up casting flyers in every gym in the so-cal area?)

Based on The Bachelorette season promo, I predict much more Fitness bro drama ahead. Hopefully, next time they fight, we'll actually get some backstory first.


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