Clues Nayte Wins 'The Bachelorette' Based Off Everything Michelle Has Said About Him

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Clues Nayte Wins 'The Bachelorette' Based Off Everything Michelle Has Said About Him

Since the first night of The Bachelorette, it seems like there is one clear front runner: Nayte. As the season has gone on, it appears there is more to Michelle's feeling than the fact that he is an Adonis of a Man. And I get it. On top of being tall, and good looking, and tall, he is also kind, a great listener, and seems to be as into her as she is into him. I mean, their chemistry is off the charts.

Michelle is a great communicator in all situations, but she has been very vocal about her feelings for Nayte as well. Based on the way she talks about him, and to him, I would truly be shocked if he didn't win. Here are all the things she has said on the show that makes me think it's his to lose...

The Mid-Season Trailer

  • "I could have stronger feelings for him than he does for me."
  • "If I get to the end of this and he's not all in I will be heartbroken."

I am just assuming these quotes are about Nayte because she seems to hold him to a different standard so far this season. It would make sense that if she has the strongest feelings for him, she could also be the most hurt by him.

Their 1-On-1

  • "From the first day we've had this undeniable chemistry... and every time I walk away from, like, having a conversation with him, I'm like, 'Did that just happen? Wait what?' And I feel like there was, there was that one time I was like 'I really like you' you were like... [you] really like me...the moment he actually walked away, I got choked up and it was kind of like, this realization."
  • "Today was probably the most meaningful because Nayte meeting my friends honestly went better than I could have even imagined... it made me really excited about him because all the things I love about Minnesota are coming together with this person who is becoming really important and that makes me happy."
  • Nayte: "I definitely want someone to call me out on my bullshit." Michelle: "I definitely will do that. "
  • "Today was, like, one of my favorite days."
  • "I feel like the chemistry that we have is undeniable, unlike anything that I've ever felt before. And today meant so much, beyond belief."
  • "I'm very crazy about Nayte. I do start to get this feeling, like, this is my person. That's really exciting. It's also very terrifying. But I'm following my intuition, I'm following my heart, and I do fell that I am starting to fall for Nayte."

Sleepover Group Date

  • "One of the reasons why I left today feeling so hurt is because you don't pull me aside to talk with me, or to try to connect with me...I was really hurt. And you're not the only one, I'm not, like, singling you out but the reason I'm hurt is because of my feelings- the level of feelings I already have for you."

Week Three Cocktail Party

Nayte: Do you feel like you can trust me?
Michele: I do...I do feel like I can trust you.
Nayte: Good. I love it.
Michelle: I love it too.
Nayte: Oh, man.

I think that it would really take a Herculean-sized error (... see what I did there?) for him not to end up with Michelle. Until then, I will enjoy watching their love story unfold every Tuesday night.

Images: ABC

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