The Clues Clayton Is Single After 'The Bachelor' Are Becoming More Obvious

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The Clues Clayton Is Single After 'The Bachelor' Are Becoming More Obvious

Clayton hasn't had it easy this season, but I really didn't think anyone could pass up Pilot Pete for the messiest Bachelor. That was until last night. We saw a new side of Clayton during his fight with Susie during Tuesday's episode — someone who quickly took the role of the victim — and it wasn't a great look for him.

All of this is to say, the end of Clayton's season is bound to be dramatic. Will Clayton end up single? Will he propose to one of the remaining women? Or is Susie behind the door we see him knocking on? (Susie is definitely behind the door.)

I decided to look into if Clayton could possibly end this season the same way he started: single. And all the clues are pointing toward yes.

The Previews

[video Embed]

In the above preview, we see the aftermath of Clayton telling Rachel and Gabby that he is in love with all three of them (including Susie) and it doesn't look pretty. Both women seem very upset and we even see him have a sit down with Gabby where she is going off on him. Even his dad seems to lay into him.

The trailer from this past week also has another clue. This sounds bite right here:

Finally in the full season trailer, Clayton says, "it's a long shot but there's still a chance, there's hope here in this ring." Why such a long shot?

Women Tell All

I think the most damning evidence we have for the case that Clayton is single is from the Women Tell All. At one point, Sierra asked Clayton, "Who are you to act a certain way, and treat these women a certain way, and subject them to this kind of behavior of yours? What did they do to deserve it?" Clayton responded saying...

I couldn't prep for it. I just had to go in to it and react the way that I thought was appropriate...I think it's important again for me to learn from it and I am learning from it. But it was with no bad intentions and I had to let my emotions come out and that, unfortunately wasn't as straight forward as I hoped.

Riley then adds, with the caveat that she knows what happens, that she hopes Clayton is OK. Why would someone say that if he is happily engaged?


[video Embed]

Obviously he is bound by a contract, but Clayton has said a lot in interviews with out saying a lot if you know what I mean. In this interview with Extra after WTA, he was asked a question about falling in love with three women. Clayton explained that he is still trying to make sense of this and that he found out that "your actions have repercussions." He was then asked if he gets married, will it be aired on the show, to which Clayton takes a big, deep breath and said that he's "just taking it one day at a time...I have things coming up, After the Final Rose, conversations that need to be had." Interesting.

Even more so, Clayton also did an interview with Glamour in which he said:

I don't think anyone expected it to end the way that it did, including myself, nor did I want it to be that way. There was a lot of things that I just never would've thought would've happened the way they did. So everyone will be kind of surprised. I wish it could have went any other direction, but it went the direction that it did. Ultimately, I had to react accordingly.

Social Media Post

[rich Embed]

The beginning of this caption says it all. "Dark days are temporary..." Why are your days dark Clayton?

Well, all speculation aside, we will find out in one week won't we? And while I do feel for the guy, his mess has made for some great TV.

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