Clayton's Messiest Moments From 'The Bachelor' This Season

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Clayton's Messiest Moments From 'The Bachelor' This Season

Every season of The Bachelor sells itself as "the most dramatic season yet." Drama can be described as many things... heartbreak, fighting, throwing someone's coat into a pool. But to sum it up, drama can be described as mess. And while the Bachelor franchise is no stranger to mess, this season of The Bachelor has felt particularly chaotic, thanks to one Clayton Echard.

Clayton has become on of the messiest Bachelors in franchise history. Perhaps we should have seen it coming — we barely knew the guy when he was cast. His journey started going downhill the moment he was officially announced, when Kaitlyn Bristowe sat across from him at Michelle's After the Final Rose and read out tweets that can be summed up in one word: "Who?"

And that was perhaps the BEST part of his journey as the Bachelor. Whether you're thankful for them, or annoyed by them, let's take a look at some of Clayton's messiest moments as the Bachelor.

Asking Salley To Stay

When a contestant comes to you and tells you that she was previously (and recently) engaged and that her wedding was suppose to be yesterday, and that she isn't ready to be there, what do you do? Most would say, "I get it, I hope you can go home and find time with your family and heal." Not Clayton! Clayton said, "I'd like to give you a rose so you stay, and I feel a connection in the few minutes we've spoken." (I'm paraphrasing.)

Mess Factor: 4 out of 10 roses

Not Believing Elizabeth

I understand it may be hard to see through lies when you're so embedded in a situation. I don't entirely blame him for that. But, when Clayton believed everything Shanae was saying about Elizabeth, without even remotely questioning them, and then later questioning Elizabeth about it as if she were the villain in the situation. Well, it's no wonder we got a lengthy apology post from Clayton for this one.

Mess Factor: 7 out of 10 roses

Calling Genevieve An Actress

Another one of Shanae's lies that seeped into our lead's head. This one was particularly rough to hear because it was so far off from the truth.

Mess Factor: 6 out of 10 roses

Keeping Shanae For So Long

If we saw anyone "acting" this season, it would be Shanae Meryl Streep. She literally played Clayton like a fool. Multiple people warned him about her, even some that didn't make the edit, Clayton still chose to keep her time and time again.

Mess Factor: 7 out of 10 roses

Yelling "I Love You" To Both Rachel & Gabby

This is top tier mess. It wasn't even in the moment that he said it. Like, this man made a Movie Moment for the sake of making a Movie Moment... to the detriment of his final three, too.

Mess Factor: 9 out of 10 roses

Blaming Susie For Their Breakup

The way he reacted to Susie was just not OK. Yeah, she probably should have told him how she was feeling prior to fantasy suites, but then to blame her, and say that this is her fault was hard to watch. She was shocked by his reaction, and rightfully so.

Mess Factor: 10 out of 10 roses

Being In Love With Three Women

Not just falling in love, but being in love with three women definitely takes the cake for mess. And the way he just constantly keeps telling them that he's just gotta figure out which one he loves the most... dude, NO.

Mess Factor: The whole f*cking bouquet

Although we don't know exactly what happens tonight, it seems like Clayton tries to get back together with Susie. The fact that he begged Rachel and Gabby to stay, only to then (most likely) send them home for Susie is the mess of all messes. Be like Cardi B and bring your bucket and a mop tonight folks, cause we got a clean up on aisle 5 (... it was too easy, I had too).

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