I Simply Do Not Trust The New Bachelor

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I Simply Do Not Trust The New Bachelor

Is it too late to start this season of The Bachelor over, because Clayton Echard just revealed a HUGE red flag. In a promo for Michelle's Bachelorette season, on which Clayton will be a contestant, the men were asked to talk about their favorite desserts. One guy said carrot cake, another man mentioned his mother's key lime pie, but not Clayton. No, he didn't pick anything like that. Instead, he went with pizza. Yes, Clayton's favorite dessert is pizza, and, honestly, how did this not disqualify him from being the next Bachelor?

I realize that not everyone has the same tastes as me. And I'm a girl with a sweet tooth who would probably wither up and die going one day without chocolate, so I'm not unbiased. But, come on. PIZZA?! Out of every single food in the world that is not a traditional dessert, Clayton went with pizza. That is a whole other meal!

But wait, it gets worse. To defend his answer, Clayton went on to say, "I don't eat sweets! I don't eat sweets!" And, listen, I can defend a lot of things. I can forgive a lot of things. But this is where I feel compelled to draw the line. A man who doesn't eat sweets and who willingly tells millions of people that his favorite dessert is pizza is #NotMyBachelor.

Going through his Instagram, it's clear Clayton is actually telling the truth. Just look at this post form 2019, where he showed off "everything I eat in a week."

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