Clayton's 'Bachelorette' Journey Takes Some Truly Unexpected Turns

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Clayton's 'Bachelorette' Journey Takes Some Truly Unexpected Turns

This entire season of The Bachelorette, viewers have been on Clayton watch. It's already been reported that he will be the next Bachelor, so clearly, he was going to really stand out on The Bachelorette. He'd probably have a lot of chemistry with Michelle and fall in love with her only to have his heart broken at hometowns or maybe even fantasy suites, right? Wrong. Oh so very wrong.

Instead, Clayton's Bachelorette journey ended during episode 6 when he failed to receive the rose during his one-on-one date with Michelle. It was a surprising turn of events, because we haven't seen much from Clayton at all. Last week's episode finally gave him a moment in the spotlight, but it was really just because he won a viking-themed group date and then had a sweet, but not exactly thrilling conversation with Michelle. It seemed obvious that when Clayton did get his one-on-one date, he would really shine.

And I can't say that he did. While Clayton has continually seemed like a nice, fun guy, he got comparatively so little screen time that he still didn't seem like an obvious Bachelor candidate, even with his on-one-one. Plus, during the screen time he did get, we didn't get to learn that much about him.

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After a nice day spent at a natural history museum, Michelle lets Clayton go because while he "completely checked every box of all the qualities I’m looking for in somebody," she doesn't feel like she's at the point where she's ready to meet his family. "There’s a different connection that I need," she tells Clayton. "You are this amazing, wonderful person and you are enough," she continues, basically doing his Bachelor audition for him. "Without a doubt there is going to be the right time and place for that relationship. I truly believe that."

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