'The Bachelorette' Finally Gave Us A Big Clayton Moment

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'The Bachelorette' Finally Gave Us A Big Clayton Moment

It's been known for months now that Clayton from Michelle's Bachelorette season is not going to be proposing at the end... because he's the next Bachelor. (The show itself hasn't confirmed this news yet, but it's been widely reported.) But, for the first four episodes of the season, we got next to nothing from him, except for a bunch of reaction shots. That finally changed on Monday night's episode when Clayton actually got some time to shine.

And, no, he didn't get a one-on-one date—yet. That has to be coming soon, though. Instead, Clayton makes his presence known on a viking-themed group date. With this week's episode taking place in Michelle's hometown of Minneapolis, she and the men all head to the Minnesota Vikings' stadium. But, instead of being greeted by NFL players, they're introduced to a group of viking reenactors. Or, as Rick so helpfully puts it in his narration, "Out come these guys that look like they’re from about 1000 A.D." Thanks, Rick!

The vikings instruct the guys to scream their best battle cries, eat viking food including fermented herring and "viking head hash" (a bunch of cow parts smushed together into a gelatinous block, from what I can tell), and throw a large log as far as they can. The judging of this doesn't seem particularly strict, but apparently Clayton excels because he's crowned "ultimate viking."

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