Let's Guess Clayton's 'Bachelor' Top 10, Based On The Little We Know About Him

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Let's Guess Clayton's 'Bachelor' Top 10, Based On The Little We Know About Him

Last week on The Bachelorette we finally got a glimpse into Clayton Echard's personality. The future Bachelor has been floating in the background for the entirety of Michelle's season, and despite being sent home, his one-on-one date with Michelle allowed fans to see what is to come on his season of The Bachelor, which is set to air in 2022. (Even though it hasn't been "officially" announced.)

And now that we got a little more info on Clayton, it allows us to go through the women that will be competing on his season (via Reality Steve and ABC) to see who would make the most sense for the former football player. We still have much to learn about this guy, but from what we do know, who will make Clayton's Top 10? This should be fun.

Cassidy T.

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Cassidy T. is 26 from Cave Creek, Ariz., although she lives in California now. She has a beautifully curated Instagram and is interested in wellness and fitness, two things Clayton is clearly interested in too (we've all seen the Viking date).

Daria R.

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Daria R. is 24, from Baldwin, New York, is a Harvard 2019 grad, and is currently attending Yale Law School. We know Clayton likes strong, independent women (see: Michelle), so I think it's safe to assume that he will be very impressed by Daria.

Gabby W.

Image: ABC

Gabby W. is 30, from O'Fallon, Ill., and just seems like a wholesome Midwestern girl. Although her Instagram is currently private, we know Clayton is from the Midwest as well so they probably had similar upbringings. Plus, she has cheered for the Denver Broncos, so there's also the football connection.

One thing worth noting, though, is Gabby has a connection to a former Bachelorette contestant. Dean Unglert dated Gabby when they were in college, calling her, "one of the main exes," on the Help! I Suck At Dating podcast. Dean said on the podcast that he told producers, "If she gets selected for the show, she’ll either win the show or she’ll be the next Bachelorette. And I firmly believe that." Interesting.

Hayley M.

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Yet another perfectly curated Instagram, which is basically a requirement for contestants at this point. Hayley is 26, from Orlando, Fl., and is a pediatric nurse. Meaning she really likes kids, and Clayton likes kids too! Could this be the start of a beautiful relationship?

Hunter H.

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Hunter H. is 28 from Lake Wylie, South Carolina and is a princess. Literally. She was a princess at Disney World. Is Clayton her Prince Charming? She's since retired from princess-ing and currently works as a Life Event Services Consultant for Bank of America, according to Reality Steve.

Jill C.

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Jill C. is 26, from Scituate, Rhode Island, and is very into fitness (something she and Clayton definitely share). She works as an architectural historian and social media coordinator for the Public Archaeology Laboratory.

Kira M.

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Kira is 32, from Greensboro, North Carolina, and is a doctor. According to her LinkedIn, she is a senior physician of internal medicine at Penn Medicine. Kira is ambitious, something that Clayton definitely finds attractive, and went to Harvard from 2007 to 2011, then went to medical school at the University of North Carolina. In 2019, she got her MBA from Warton. So she has been busy.

Lindsay D.

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Lindsay D. is 27, from Georgia, and is a mom to a beautiful little girl. She is a NICU nurse currently living in Jackson Beach, Florida. She seems very committed to college football, which will definitely be something Clayton will appreciate. She also seems to be friends with Sarah Trott from Matt James' season (or at least familiar enough to have Sarah comment on her Instagram photos).

Marlena W.

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Marlena is 30, from Virginia Beach but now lives in Miami, and is, no big deal, an Olympian. (The bar is really low for this cast, right?) Clayton has a thing for D1 athletes, so it's safe to assume that he'll be into Olympians too. Marlena competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics for Haiti in the women's 200-meter and 400-meter sprints.

Samantha J.

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Samantha is 26, from Dayton, Ohio, and has the cutest dog. Her IG bio tells us she's an occupational therapist, certified in infant massage, and a licensed social worker which basically means she likes to help people.

Images: ABC

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