Um, Clayton's Brother DM'd Teddi After 'The Bachelor'

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Um, Clayton's Brother DM'd Teddi After 'The Bachelor'

The Women Tell All episode for Clayton's Bachelor season was full of what you'd expect for the most part: lots of Shanae, lots of yelling, lots of yelling at Shanae. It's pretty easy to predict what will go down on this thing at this point. But, it was during one of the less angry moments that we actually got a surprising reveal this time around. During Teddi's time being interviewed in the hot seat by Jesse Palmer, it was revealed that Clayton's brother slid into her DMs. Um, excuse me?

"A little birdy told me that somebody in particular slid into your DMs. Who was it that reached out to you?" Jesse asked. Teddi clearly didn't want to respond, but he said, "You got to clear this up for us" as some of the other women started pushing for her to reveal the person, too. "Don't make me say it, Teddi!" Genevieve yelled.

"Clayton’s brother did reach out to me," Teddi eventually said. "I didn’t reply. I will say, I think one Echard boy in my lifetime was enough for me." She added, "Thank you, Jesse, for that."

Teddi was clearly a little uncomfortable talking about this, and it seemed like it was not because she had anything to be embarrassed about, but because she was trying to spare Clayton's brother.

Obviously, this raises a lot of questions: What did Clayton's brother say? Was he actually shooting his shot? Who is the "little birdy" that told Jesse? Plus, Clayton has two brothers, so which one was it?

Image: ABC
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