Brendan's Acting Reel Is Absolutely Necessary Post-'BIP' Viewing

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Brendan's Acting Reel Is Absolutely Necessary Post-'BIP' Viewing

Bachelor Nation, it has come to my attention that our very own Brendan Morais, Mr. "Here for the wrong reasons," betrayer of Natasha and our hearts, is a wannabe actor. Not only that, but, if you want to check out his acting skills beyond Bachelor In Paradise, Brendan's acting reel is available to watch right now.

When Brendan first came onto Clare/Tayshia's season of The Bachelorette, his official job was listed as being a "commercial roofer," but before that, he was actually trying to make it as an actor/model in Los Angeles. If you've researched Brendan at all, you've probably read stories about him appearing in ads for Jeep and Truly Hard Seltzer (which is disgusting, so that tracks). Based on his IMDB page, it looks like he's mostly been in small indie movies, though he apparently appeared in Equalizer as a "Russian thug." So, there's that.

Anyways, way back in 2016 when he was still actively trying to make it in Hollywood, Brendan uploaded his acting reel to YouTube. And it is gloriously cringe-worthy.

[video Embed]

There are many things that stand out in these 3 minutes of pure entertainment: the Yahoo e-mail account, the deer-in-the-headlights expression he seems to wear all the time, the ridiculous dialogue. But the biggest surprise to come out of the video is that Brendan is actually capable of speaking with inflection. Who knew?

As to how his acting reel compares to his performance on Bachelor in Paradise, well, it's certainly more compelling. I actually felt for him during a scene where he was pleading for his life, or when he was trying to convince a cop that he wasn't high. Honestly, both performances are way more convincing than him trying to tell Natasha that he wanted to explore their "connection" or that he and Pieper weren't dating before Paradise.

Thankfully, Bachelor alums historically haven't had a lot of luck breaking into acting, so this is (hopefully) all we'll see of Brendan's acting career. Though, per his IMDB, he will appear in another indie called Full of the Void: Vacui ad Plenum, about a man who appears in "an endless void, and when he asks God for help, a beautiful man appears wanting to play a game of pool." Brendan is playing God, which I can only assume means he's playing the "beautiful man" who wants to play pool. I have no more words.


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