Will Brendan & Pieper Leave 'Paradise' And Will It Be Messy Or Gracious?

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Will Brendan & Pieper Leave 'Paradise' And Will It Be Messy Or Gracious?

Your time has come, Brendan and Pieper. After the contestants on Bachelor in Paradise forced out Chris and Alana, Brendan and Pieper appear to be next on the chopping block. To save themselves, Brendan and Pieper will have to leave Paradise of their own volition. Well, it won't be entirely their idea since, just like with Chris and Alana, they're probably going to need a little push from Joe (he's an expert at that, with all his grocery store cart experience). But based on the previews for the Sept. 14 episode, it seems very likely that they aren't going to see another sunrise or sunset on Paradise.

During the second episode of Week 4, the good people at home were noting the hypocrisy of Chris and Alana being bullied off Paradise for possibly having a pre-existing relationship while Brendan and Pieper got off scot-free. (Even Daniel Radcliffe had thoughts!) But Demi mentioned it toward the end of the episode and Natasha seems poised to let everyone know that if Chris and Alana's behavior is unacceptable on the beach, so is Brendan and Pieper's. This is when what Brendan dubs "Joe and his disgruntled mob of females" (oh, Brendan, continuing to prove you're the worst) will come and confront them.

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So far, Brendan and Pieper have seemed pretty unrepentant for their behavior — and that includes during and after Paradise. But maybe they do care that they directly hurt Natasha by having Brendan lead her on? If so, I have one theory that could allow them to save a tiny bit of face: Brendan will give his rose to Natasha instead of Pieper. That will give Natasha another chance to find love after Brendan stole her opportunity to do so and then, he and Pieper will leave together.

I don't know if that goes against any official code, but as I've previously outlined, there are no rules in Paradise. And this is the only scenario where I see them even remotely coming out OK of this.

Currently, there's not been one shred of evidence that Brendan and Pieper would make this small, gracious sacrifice for Natasha. But I have one possible clue that this theory could be even remotely true. In the shot of Lil Jon entering Paradise from the episode preview, there's a crew of people seemingly reacting to his arrival. In the photo, Natasha seems to be holding a rose, indicating this picture happens post-rose ceremony.

Now, Brendan could just leave with Pieper before the rose ceremony and then, another guy gives Natasha a rose. James isn't committed to anyone. And Ivan's rose is still up for grabs (but with Kendall also in the above screengrab, I feel like she might get his). So Brendan doesn't have to be the bigger person and help out Natasha before stepping aside. But it'd be nice if he did.

No matter how it goes down, Brendan and Pieper have got to be gone this week. On Natasha and Joe's Bachelor Nation podcast that they host with Tayshia, Click Bait, Joe teased that he was coming for Brendan and Pieper next. He addressed people wondering why he was so focused on pushing Chris and Alana out and not this other pair. "I know, you're like, 'Why didn't you kick Brendan and Pieper out?' Stay tuned, you'll see what happens." He gave two similar hints about "seeing what happens" in the podcast.

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By many accounts, it seems very likely that Brendan and Pieper are still together after Paradise. But they won't get the chance to get a free Neil Lane ring (is Brendan ready for marriage again anyway?) and they may lose a few days of Paradise pay. But considering Brendan and Pieper losing significant social media followers, the loss of perks will be worth it if they can seem the least bit selfless with their Paradise exit. But considering how Brendan, Pieper, and Natasha have been responding to the whole ordeal now that it's airing on national TV, don't hold your breath that they're going to bow out gracefully when they're forced to say goodbye to Paradise.


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