Congrats To The 'BIP' Couples Who Didn't Know If They Wanted To Do This Yesterday

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Congrats To The 'BIP' Couples Who Didn't Know If They Wanted To Do This Yesterday

It takes about three weeks to film Bachelor in Paradise. In that time, the goal is to meet someone, fall in love, and get engaged. For three lucky couples on Tuesday's finale, that happened. Within 24 hours, they professed their love to each other, went to the Fantasy Suites, and bada bing bada boom, got engaged. What makes it even more magical and beautiful is that each couple didn't know what they wanted to do the day before.

It's a common feeling in the Bachelor franchise. Often, a Bachelor lead goes back and forth on which woman he's going to pick the morning of the proposal (sweet!). The Bachelorette leads are usually a little more clearheaded with their decisions (some a little too determined to end it right then and there). But the special thing about Paradise is that because you're dating in a pressure cooker, everything that would most likely normally happen over the course of a year on real dating timeline happens within 48 hours on the beach. It's like that beach movie, Old, where time moves at supersonic speed; the Bachelor in Paradise beach is the Old beach.

On Tuesday's finale, Serena and Joe, Mari and Kenny, and Maurissa and Riley all got engaged. But it wasn't smooth sailing... for any of them.

First we have Joe and Serena, whose relationship was often overshadowed by Kendall hovering over them. (And guess what! She showed up again right before Joe proposed. Let's give this girl a break and a one-way ticket out of Mexico, mmkay?) Joe's back-and-forth was probably the most traditional in that he wondered if he and Serena were ready for an engagement.

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