Shanae Just Dared To Compare Herself To Meryl Streep On 'The Bachelor'

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Shanae Just Dared To Compare Herself To Meryl Streep On 'The Bachelor'

If you need further proof that Meryl Streep is widely considered the best actor of our times (which you shouldn’t!), just look to The Bachelor franchise. During Katie's Bachelorette season, Greg said on After the Final Rose that he'd have to be Meryl to be acting as well as Katie claimed he was on the show. Now, on Clayton's season, villain Shanae has dared to actually compare herself to the three-time Oscar-winner, 21-time nominee after delivering after what was, admittedly, a pretty haunting performance.

During last week's episode, Shanae infiltrated a group date, yelled at some of the other women, and threw their football trophy into a pond. During this week's cocktail party, Clayton asks the women who were on the group date to tell him what went down with Shanae. She yelled at them and threw their trophy into a pond, they say. Then he asks Shanae what happened, and she confirms the story. Clayton basically tells her that if she feels regret — just any regret at all, any little bit of regret she can muster — then they can move forward. I really hope that the producers have been encouraging Clayton to keep Shanae, because even without him seeing how she talks in her confessionals, throwing a trophy in a pond should be enough of a red flag.

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Anyway, Shanae says she feels bad about what happens and agrees to apologize to the other women. Which she does. While crying full-on tears. The apologize leads me to believe she went into the show planning to be a villain, but now has realized it's going to cost her and is actually going to change her ways. "I know this has been going on way too far," she says. Some of the women accept her apology.

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