The 8 Kinds Of 'Bachelor' Contestant You Meet On Night 1

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The 8 Kinds Of 'Bachelor' Contestant You Meet On Night 1

It can’t be easy to get all dolled up, pack your bags, remortgage your house to afford a whole new wardrobe, ask your boss for two months off work, then come up with an interesting limo exit only to get sent home just a few hours later. On The Bachelor, the ladies go through a lot — and the anxiety of standing there at a rose ceremony waiting for your name to be called is all too real. Sure, it seems silly when a girl is weeping over the star of the show after speaking to him for approximately five seconds (she didn’t get to show him her heart! Now she’ll never find love!), but at the same time, I get it.

That said, the Inappropriately Emotional Girl isn’t the only kind of Night One Hopeful we see on the ABC show. While we don’t often get to know the individual contestants almost immediately sent home (they can’t all be Grocery Store Joe), we have gotten to know the different kinds of reality TV contestants over the years. Check out all of the different Night One Rose Ceremony Reactions we saw on after new Bachelor Matt James sent them packing last night.

The Desperate For Affection

For Marylynn, she got so in her head that she started to essentially beg Matt for the rose in her ITM. “My stomach keeps dropping every time I think, ‘Is my name gonna get called?’ He calls girls… and each name, I’m like… In my head, I go, ‘OK, he’s gonna say Marylynn. … Nope, oh, OK. That’s not… OK. Uhh…’ I’m getting really nervous,” she explained. “At this point, I’m like double-guessing everything. I just look at this gorgeous man, and I’m like, ‘Do you like me, sir? Can you please like me? I like you. Can you like me back? Is that OK?’”

Go For It
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