'The Bachelor' Is Casting Kid "Pranksters" So Be Very Afraid

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'The Bachelor' Is Casting Kid "Pranksters" So Be Very Afraid

There is truly so much going on in Bachelor Nation right now that it is hard to keep up. First, there's the fact that Paradise is creeping to an end and that a good handful of the remaining couples are hearing wedding bells. Plus, Michelle's season of The Bachelorette is gearing up and the basketball references are already aplenty. Then there's the fact that The Bachelor has already started filming with a man we do not know (but will meet on Michelle's premiere, Oct. 19). And Clayton's season has a new host! So excuse me if I'm just burnt out from all the news and having a tough time digesting the fact that The Bachelor is now casting... kids?

According to Reality Steve, a casting call was put out for this Friday looking for a group of child actors to perform in a group date. Per the call:

We are looking for 10 fun-loving, sassy, questioning pranksters to attend a kids Birthday Party with our contestants in a Mansion. Strong "in-the-moment" improvisation skills required. There will be cake eating, face-painters, games, balloons, and all the things kids would rather be doing than a Friday morning in school. Diversity A+.

So, I have a few questions...

  1. Am I alone in thinking that the kids/extras on The Bachelor dates were real people? I have always just assumed that they asked the crew if anyone knew any kids... like, "Hey is your niece free?"
  2. Not only are these kids actors, but they are union actors. To join the union, you either have had to work under a SAG-AFTRA agreement for at least three days or already be a part of an affiliate union. Basically what this means is that these kids are no amateurs, they are professionals.
  3. There is a bump to "principal performer" if the kids speak. That means the rate goes from a minimum of $182 for the day to $1,030 for the day. On top of that, all the lines will be improvised. So not only do these kids have to act, they have to be good at comedy too.
  4. A studio teacher will be on set, so the kids may hate school on Fridays but they still gotta learn! What is a studio teacher you ask? According to thestudioteachers.com, "the studio teacher, in addition to teaching, has a responsibility for caring and attending to the health, safety and morals of minors under 16 years of age for whom they have been provided by the employer, while such minors are actively engaged or employed in any activity pertaining to the entertainment industry and subject to these regulations."
  5. Production does not want any stage parents there. Don't blame them!
  6. 9 to 12-year-old kids who are considered "questioning pranksters" sounds terrifying.
  7. They're back in a mansion... but is it the mansion?
Image: Instagram, @realitysteve

But what kind of date could this possibly be? Well, according to Reality Steve, it is for a group date. He is assuming that this will be something a la "Jimmy Kimmel talks to kids."

Unclear how this all ties into Clayton, since we literally know nothing about him (other than the fact he is a former freestyle rapper). Perhaps this is the show's way of testing the contestants on how they are with kids / actors / questioning pranksters if that's something Clayton wants in the future. Isn't that every guy's dream? To have a group of questioning sassy pranksters running through the house?

Image: Instagram, @claytonechard

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