Abigail's 'Bachelor' Elimination Was A Taylor Swift Lyric Come To Life

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Abigail's 'Bachelor' Elimination Was A Taylor Swift Lyric Come To Life

Abigail Heringer might not be 15, but damn it if she didn't just get us all in our teenage feels. On Monday, Feb. 15, the last week before Hometowns, Abigail was eliminated from The Bachelor, and, in doing so, she brought a brand new meeting to Taylor Swift's iconic "Fifteen."

Abigail was a fan-favorite (and Matt James favorite) from the jump, and Bachelor Nation has been questioning her lack of screen time ever since she received the First Impression Rose on Night 1. Despite not getting a one-on-one, and being given very little screen time in favor of more dramatic contestants (see: Victoria Larson and MJ Snyder), Abigail remained in the top tier of the hearts of viewers.

So when Matt said that he was so "comfortable" with her that he forgot to develop their relationship, it was gut punch to both her and the viewers. It was one of the most devastating breakups of the season — and it just got even more emotionally torturous thanks to this comparison to the lyrics to Taylor Swift's "Fifteen," when she sings, "And Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind, and we both cried."

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Never has a Taylor Swift lyric felt so true outside of someone's 22nd birthday party. But seeing Abigail's Bachelor journey compared to a traumatizing Swift lyric has actually given me a lot of clarity. For weeks, I have been struggling to put my finger on Abigail's "it" factor, and now I've found it. Abigail is basically a Taylor Swift song incarnate. She is comfy like an old "Cardigan," and we were "Enchanted" to meet her on Night 1. And, just like in "Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince," she played a stupid game (The Bachelor) and won stupid prizes (the inevitable Instagram deals).

But, there is good news: she's got a blank space now, and that makes her prime Bachelorette material. In fact, fans were so passionate about the idea, they actually began campaigning weeks ago, before she was even eliminated. So far, plans for the next season of Bachelorette are still being discussed, and while there are rumors that Katie Thurston has already been chosen as the season's next lead, it's entirely possible that producers are still exploring their options.

Assuming Abigail and Matt are "never ever ever ever getting back together," Bachelor producers would be fools if they didn't at least consider her for the lead. Give Abigail the love story she deserves.


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