Are Michelle's 'Bachelorette' Final 3 Actually Friends?

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Are Michelle's 'Bachelorette' Final 3 Actually Friends?

There's one goal for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette: to find the lead their forever partner. But, even if that final rose wilts and dies months after it is handed out, there are more relationships that form each season — the friendships of the men and women competing for the leads' hearts.

It makes sense why the contestants form such close bonds. They're going through the same (very strange) experience and navigating fame all at the same time. Plus, they're siloed away from society for upwards of three months... let's hope they become friends.

But in the promo for Michelle's Fantasy Suite week, the remaining men (Nayte, Brandon, and Joe) seem to go from "bros to foes," due to the stress of the clock ticking. It almost seems like they all forgot they were on a dating competition show at all. This made me wonder if the guys are friends in real life... and there's one place to find that out — social media.

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Nayte (@kingbabatunde)

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Image: Instagram, @kingbabatunde

Natye doesn't follow Brandon or Joe although in the caption of this post, he did state that he was "proud to be a part of this moment and to be able to stand beside three men whom I admire. Spoiler: These guys are even more genuine than they appear on TV." Both Joe and Brandon commented on the post as well, although I didn't not see any comments on his other posts.

Joe (@jcol3)

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Image: Instagram, @jcol3

A similar situation here — Joe doesn't follow Nayte or Brandon, but tagged both of them on his post about the historic Top 4, which the pair both commented on. In the caption he says that "... i’m honored to be a part of this moment with such a great group of individuals". Again, no other comments were found.

Brandon (@bmacjones)

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Image: Instagram, @bmacjones

No surprise here because #followforafollow, but Nayte and Joe do not follow Brandom either. He also posted about the first ever all POC Top 4 saying that " is truly an honor to be amongst these amazing individuals..." Both Joe and Nayte commented on this post, but no other ones.

It seems like all three respect each other, but maybe at the end it was just too much to be friends with the people who are in love with the same woman you are in love with. I would like to note that all three follow and are followed by the ever-likable, "Granny Smith" apple, 4th place finisher Rodney.

Image: ABC

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