Lily Rabe Talks 'AHS: Double Feature' & Getting Jacked Up Like Tyler Durden

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Lily Rabe Talks 'AHS: Double Feature' & Getting Jacked Up Like Tyler Durden

In the American Horror Story anthology series, Lily Rabe has played a Satanically possessed nun, a Stevie Nicks-loving swamp witch, a couple of ghosts, and a traumatized woman who commits murder and suicide thanks in part to a reality show. In HBO’s limited series The Undoing, you suspected her of murder (only to be proven wrong) and in the Amazon Prime series Tell Me Your Secrets, she was accused of aiding a serial killer. Clearly, Rabe has become a major asset – or accomplice? – to any television show with murder on its mind.

And she's not done yet. Rabe stars in the upcoming American Horror Story: Double Feature, the installment’s tenth season. (It’s expected to drop sometime this year, according to Deadline, after production was stalled in 2020.) Double Feature will likely focus on the eerie murder history of Provincetown, Mass., where production recently shot some exteriors for Season 10.

It's rumored that the show will hinge around the late 1960s serial killer Tony Costa, known as “the Cape Cod Vampire,” who killed and dismembered several women, leaving bite marks on the victims and removing their hearts. Then, in 1974, a dead woman, now known as “the Lady of the Dunes,” was found on Race Point Beach, also mutilated, her hands and teeth missing and her head nearly removed. (Stephen King’s son, author Joe Hill, believes she was an extra in Jaws.)

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