Ryan Murphy's 'American Horror Story' Teaser Pretty Much Confirms The Lady Of The Dunes Theory

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Ryan Murphy's 'American Horror Story' Teaser Pretty Much Confirms The Lady Of The Dunes Theory

Part of the fun of American Horror Story is watching American Horror Story. Most of the fun of American Horror Story is theorizing about American Horror Story. And, it seems, when it comes to the 10th season of the FX horror franchise, we're left to do quite a bit of theorizing. Though we know who will be returning for the next installment (with Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Billie Lourd, Lily Rabe, Leslie Grossman, Angelica Ross, and Finn Wittrock on the cast list), we still have no idea what they are returning to. Luckily Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story Season 10 photo tease on his Instagram is giving us something to sink some seriously shark teeth into.

The artwork mimics what some fans have already known and seen — first, we see a set of sharp teeth reminiscent of some chompers posted on Murphy's Instagram in August. And as reported locally eight months ago, the production is set in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where Murphy owns property.

So what does this tell us about Season 10? Here are some contenders for Season 10's storylines.

#1: It's About Sirens

Otherwise known as mermaids. The justification for this theory lies purely in the first set of teeth Murphy posted in August. Fans eager for more information reverse-searched the image, which brought up pictures of — you got it — sirens. Add that to the beachside filming location, and woman-heavy cast, and it seems natural to assume that the series could be headed under the sea.

That said, it's important to consider the location while theorizing — and Provincetown does not seem to be known for any mermaid sightings.

#2: It's About Body Modification

Murphy's caption, "Ouch," along with a tattooed logo for American Horror Story certainly points at body art playing some part in the series. And tooth sharpening is actually a thing that people choose to get to alter their appearances. That said, in the year of our Lord 2020, is there really anything that terrifying about tattoos? I'd guess this art plays the part of stylish red herring than anything else.

#3: It's About The Black Flash

Now, let's talk about the real clue provided by Murphy: Provincetown. American Horror Story has continually incorporated local legend and lore into its plotlines, and the Massachusetts town provides plenty of material to work with. There has been some fan chatter about The Black Flash, a caped Slenderman-esque ghoul that haunted the area in the late 1930s. Though he was also called the Devil of the Dunes (recalling Murphy's other photo tease featuring a set of sand dunes, and another clue showing a set of hands "washing up" on shore), The Black Flash didn't really seem to do anything to incite Horror Story-level fear. (He did, however, jump clean over high fences, causing some townspeople to fret, and others to speculate that the ghoul was simply a prankster track star.)

The Black Flash did line up in a spooky timeline for Provincetown, as the town made headlines after a "monster" washed up on shore. (Remember that Murphy Instagram again?) That said, the 35-foot creature ended up being identified as a decomposing basking shark. Boo.

#4: It's About Tony Costa

Speaking of locals, it's hard to ignore Provincetown's most notable serial killer when it comes to American Horror Story brainstorming: Tony Costa, who was compared to Jack the Ripper himself by Kurt Vonnegut. Why is he notable? Well, for one, one of his nicknames was "The Cape Cod Vampire." The teeth that Murphy posted could be siren teeth... or representative of a clever moniker for Costa, who was convicted of four murders (and likely was responsible for more) in the late 1960s. What's more, Costa's murders were particularly brutal and depraved, with a modus operandi that included dismemberment and mass burial. What's his connection to the beach, though? Besides living in the beach town, it's hard to say. So while it's possible Costa might play a part, I'd put most of my bets on one of the town's most mysterious crimes.

#5: It's About The Lady In The Dunes

If I were a betting woman, I'd throw all my money on The Lady In The Dunes, Provincetown's biggest unsolved crime. In July of 1974, her decomposing body was discovered in the dunes. The condition of the body is what made the crime especially newsworthy — she was found without teeth, without hands, and almost without a head. And the setting of the murder is what made the crime even more newsworthy — Stephen King's son posited that the Jane Doe was actually an extra featured in Jaws, filmed nearby in Martha's Vineyard. If there's anything that Murphy loves more than horror, it's Hollywood.

What's more, local articles about American Horror Story's production reported the team was scouting cemeteries in the area — notable, since the Lady in the Dunes is buried in St. Peter's Cemetery.

Now, let's recall those Instagram photos again. We know teeth are notable to American Horror Story Season 10; The Lady In The Dunes was found without teeth. We know hands "washing up" on shore are notable to American Horror Story Season 10; The Lady In The Dunes was found without hands. We know dunes are notable to American Horror Story Season 10. The Lady In The Dunes actually has dunes in her name. Add the Hollywood connection, and is perfect Murphy material.

Which brings us to our last storyline theory:

#6 It Will Be An American Horror Story Crossover Season

This one is easy to debunk — because Murphy already did.

Too bad Coven's witches were driven from Massachusetts.

Image: Netflix

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