Will Alex Be At The 'Summer House' Reunion? Here's What We Know

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Will Alex Be At The 'Summer House' Reunion? Here's What We Know

Another week of Summer House, another week without cast member Alex "Trapcity" Wach. The Summer House cast member (who has been in just as many episodes as people not credited as cast members) has been MIA for a few weeks at this point, mostly because of... well, we don't know why. Alex's absence on the show may lead you to wonder if the 2-lbs-of-ground-turkey-a-day guy is no longer filming with the cast, being purposefully ignored by the cameras, and if either of those are the case... will Alex even be at the Summer House Season 6 reunion?

While Bravo's "friend of" title sometimes only earns you a segment during a reunion, Alex is very much not a "friend of" on Summer House. Or, at least, he didn't start that way. Whether he's been demoted or not is definitely a conversation fans are having, since he's been missing from the show for a few episodes.

And now, as the Summer House reunion has filmed, you can't help but wonder if he'll pop up on it or be relegated to the end of the couch for a quick segment in the middle. So we decided to look into whether Alex would be at the reunion, and here's what we found.

  • Alex was at Lindsay's birthday even though there was a line in the episode that said he's not coming this week. He did not appear in the episode except in the background. Kyle took to Instagram to explain that this was most likely due to the fact that there was too much going on production/ storyline wise.
  • US Weekly reported that Alex joked about his absence by posting on his Instagram stories a GIF of Harry Potter disappearing under his invisibility cloak and then a clip from The Terminator saying, "I'll be back."
  • Instagram account @Bravolovebaby posted a first look for next week's episode and Alex is back.
  • Andy revealed on his Instagram that the reunion was taped the other day.
  • Update 4/8: Photos of the cast at the reunion were released which confirmed Alex would be in attendance.

Given all of that, Alex definitely isn't going anywhere without a fight. He reposted @queensofbravo who were celebrating his inclusion on the show, which only reminds fans (and Bravo) that representation on the series matters. Will he come back better than ever, as @queensofbravo hope for? Will his push in the eleventh hour of the season bring him back for another round this summer?

The fact that he was edited out of an episode seemed to be a bigger deal than if he had just been there without a storyline. I think his absence at the reunion would be the same. Good luck, Alex!

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