Can You Work Out With Alex From 'Summer House'? Here's Where You Can Find Him

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Can You Work Out With Alex From 'Summer House'? Here's Where You Can Find Him

Summer House returns on Monday with a new house and a few new faces. No, I'm not talking about Carl's great skin since he stopped drinking. Alex Wach, Summer House's newest roommate is a fitness instructor based in New York City. (So he is new to the crew, but fits right in is what I'm trying to say.) So naturally I was wondering if me, being someone who loved to take fitness classes around New York pre-pandemic, could work out with Alex from Summer House.

His Instagram bio tells us that he is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and before I even saw this post, I knew that he was a Barry's guy. (You can just tell.) Based on his Instagram feed, however, it looks like he may no longer be teaching there, or at least stopped around the time Summer House started filming. Even worse, he's no longer listed on the schedule for upcoming classes. (I thoroughly checked because who doesn't want to take a class with a Summer House star.)

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He was also an instructor at Tone House once upon a time. Which if you have never been, is basically like strength and conditioning to the extreme. (I went a total of three times and almost threw up every single time.) Unfortunately, Alex seems to no longer be on that schedule, either, so I guess I really have no other reason to return. Yeah, that's why.

While his LinkedIn hasn't been updated in a while, it looks like he has shifted from fitness to finance (which isn't as fun of a sell on TV). And, obviously, he's a fitness model with Wilhelmina. His career focuses have shifted, but his dedication to fitness hasn't.

Images: Instagram, @alextrapcity

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