The "Kristin" They're Talking About Is Quite Famous

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The "Kristin" They're Talking About Is Quite Famous

For some reason, on Monday night's episode of Summer House, Bravo chose to (or was forced to?) blur out "Kristin's" last name from the headlines they show that explain the drama between "Kristin," Craig Conover, and Austen Kroll. The cast also doesn't mention "Kristin's" last name on the show. She's simply "Kristin," which, good for her – it's always iconic when someone can go by first-name only, no matter what the circumstance. That said, we know that "Kristin" has a last name, and that the Kristin they talk about on Summer House is Kristin Cavallari.

During Monday's episode – which was ostensibly filmed the weekend after the Fourth of July, around July 9, 10, and 11, 2021 – Paige DeSorbo confesses to the camera that there have been rumors for a month or so now that Craig and/or Austen have been hooking up with Kristin.

Paige is talking about the rumors from gossip Instagram account Deux Moi from late June, 2021, that shared a rumor that Austen, Craig, and Kristin were in a love triangle. The rumor didn't last long: around July 21, Kristin took to Instagram to clear up the misreports, saying that the only love triangle she's ever been in was in high school. She did not shout out Stephen Colletti nor Lauren Conrad, which was a bummer. She didn't name Craig nor Austen, either, but everyone knew what she was talking about.

In her Instagram Story, Kristin explained that the three of them were just friends, and that she was not dating either of them.

Now, whether or not she was hooking up with one (or both) is the real question. Sure, maybe they weren't dating, per se, but two of the three were definitely hooking up, right? To that end, on Summer House, Craig claims he made out with Kristin, which, he claimed to Paige on the show, infuriated Austen.

Update: On Tuesday, Feb 1, the day after the episode aired, a source told Us Weekly that Kristin and Craig never hooked up. “He’s making it up — it’s not true,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. The article goes on to say that Craig is just "capitalizing on Kristin's name."

Earlier: Next week, we'll get to hear how Craig answers Paige's question: "Are you still f*cking her?" which will be a real hoot.

This whole Kristin/Austen/Craig/Paige thing is a tangled web of Reality TV Stars from the NBCUniverse. An inter-Bravo crossover with Southern Charm and Summer House, and now this, a Bravo and E! crossover event? We love to see it.

What we don't love to see? The Bravo captions spelled Kristin's name "Kristen" multiple times throughout the episode. The disrespect!

Image: Kristin Cavallari/Instagram

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