Did You Spot These Influencers At The Fourth Of July Party?

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Did You Spot These Influencers At The Fourth Of July Party?

Summer House is really at its peak, and we are only two episodes into Season 6. I've always been a die hard for this show – even Season 1 when we had those fembot twins and the strange ghost of a woman who worked as an "entertainment reporter" – and I just knew then that this was a show that was going to be special, and I'm thrilled that people are getting more into it. Welcome, my friends.

And with the show's growing popularity, and the rise of social media influencers, we are starting to see more and more familiar, social media faces attending the Summer House parties, even during this pandemic. So I wasn't surprised when I clocked a couple people in the background of the Fourth of July party who I recognized.

Now – I still don't know who kicked Andrea Denver in the face, so if you know who that woman was in the light pink one-piece bathing suit, please do let me know. Rumor has it that the guests of the Summer House parties are scene-y New York types (influencers and models) who are friends with, or tangentially close with, the current cast. Which tracks with who I spotted on Monday night's episode.

Below are the two social media stars at the show's 2021 Fourth of July party who I spotted hanging out with our Summer House crew.

Remi Bader

Remi Bader is a huge TikTok and Instagram influencer. She's the one in the background to the left, wearing sunglasses and holding a blue Solo cup and her phone. She focuses on body positivity and gives women realistic clothing hauls from your favorite brands. They didn't give her a chyron or anything, but you saw her hug Ciara Miller at one point and kind of lurk in the background.

Back in July, Remi posted images from the Summer House Fourth of July party and captioned a photo, "ILY @ciaramiller" so it seems like they're pretty tight. According to Reddit, Remi and Paige DeSorbo are also friends and often appear in each others' Stories.

Over the summer of 2021, Remi, Paige and Siesta Key cast member Serena Kerrigan hung out together and Serena shared this video. Kinda surprised we haven't seen Serena at the house ... seems like she would be all about it.

Speaking of Siesta Key...

Clark Drum

Clark Drum is rumored to be Siesta Key star Juliette Porter's new boyfriend, and he is hot as hell. I need him on Bravo, get him off of lame MTV and into our hearts. Those baby blues... YES PLEASE. I'd like him to replace Alex "I Eat 14 Pounds Of Turkey" Wach, please.

So who is Clark, exactly? Besides dating Juliette, from the looks of it he loves to travel and seems to be rather wealthy, which is a perfect recipe for a good reality star. He and Juliette went Instagram official back in October 2021, so in July of 2021, maybe Clark was single and ready to mingle with Mya Allen.

How this Florida boy ended up in the Hamptons... I'd love to know.

The Real MVPs

The people who work behind-the-scenes on our favorite shows really should get all the awards for their dedication to giving us the escape from reality we all crave, but when I saw the camera crew wearing full on Fourth Of July outfits, and leis, I thought to myself, "God Bless America." They're the real influencers! Spot the camera man in American flag gear behind Paige.

If you spotted anyone else at the party who you recognized, lemme know!

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