The Woman Who Kicked Andrea In The Face Woke Up & Chose Violence

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The Woman Who Kicked Andrea In The Face Woke Up & Chose Violence

One minute you're enjoying a Fourth of July party at the Summer House mansion, the next you're being kicked in the face. Life comes at you fast when you're drinking Loverboys on Bravo and on Monday night's episode, the woman who kicked Andrea Denver in the face has a little explaining to do.

Did she have her reason? Sure! It wasn't a random act of violence. Her friend, who was wearing a hot pink bikini, was thrown in the pool by Andrea. Hot Pink Bikini had her phone in her hand, and it stands to reason her phone was damaged or ruined by Andrea's playful but thoughtless push in the pool. So, there was something to be pissed about.

Hot Pink Bikini retaliated by pushing Andrea in the pool (his suggestion to even things out) and that was that – so we thought. Hot Pink Bikini's friend Light Pink One-Piece marched over to the side of the pool in her matching light pink high heels and bent over and and slapped Andrea in the face as he waded in the water. (The screenshots of the fight below will give you all the visual you need.)

Then, she shouted "fuck you" and kicked him in the nose. Andrea, stunned, didn't do anything. Paige DeSorbo, who was front and center while it all went down, tells Andrea that she'll go kick these girls out. Hot Pink Bikini and Light Pink One-Piece leave peacefully, and Andrea nurses the scratch on his face under the covers with an ice pack for the rest of the episode. God bless.

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