Will 'Summer House' Stars Ciara & Luke Get Back Together? The New Roommate Updates Fans On Their Relationship

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Will 'Summer House' Stars Ciara & Luke Get Back Together? The New Roommate Updates Fans On Their Relationship

Summer House star Ciara Miller set the record straight in a lengthy interview with Entertainment Tonight on a number of topics all Bravo fans are itching to hear about. From the love triangle that shook up the start of the summer to the Luke of it all, down to her very messy (but oh, so intriguing) bed. We're breaking down what we've learned from Ciara's Summer House interview ahead of Thursday's new episode.

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Ciara And Luke Are Never Ever, Ever Getting Back Together

Despite what you may have heard, Ciara and Luke are not dating or hooking up, nor are they enemies.

  • "I think he's fucking hilarious, and we do get along and we have a lot of great things in common. It's just strictly platonic," Ciara told ET.
  • The two weren't necessarily on the same page when she joined the show, she said. "There was definitely more that he had anticipated than I think I did," she said, before putting him in the friend zone once more. "But I was down to be just friends." Ouch.

No, Hannah Didn't Manipulate Her

As for those rumors that Hannah manipulated Ciara and got her to turn on Luke, they're 100% false.

  • "I think it's crazy," she said about the rumors. In fact, she's offended that fans would question her judgement like that. "I wasn't manipulated, because I feel like that is also inferring that I'm dumb and that I can't see things for myself," she continued.
  • She's known Luke for a couple of years prior to the show and their relationship hasn't always been smooth sailing. "... We've had our ups and downs."
  • She is ready to "put to rest" the Hannah-manipulation thing at the reunion (which films next week!). "... I wasn't manipulated. I just saw the proof in the pudding and acted on it."
  • She defended Hannah, and said that Hannah seemed to find herself in a lot of no-win situations this season (that's for sure). "She just seems to catch a lot of flack no matter what she does," Ciara said.
Image: True Entertainment/Bravo

Ciara's Down To Return To Summer House & Teases Winter House

All in all, Ciara seems more than happy with her time in Summer House, telling ET she's "totally down to do it again." And she teased her appearance on Winter House.

  • "I'm actually fearful," she said of her experience shooting in Vermont. "I'm scared of everything those cameras captured. But it's going to be a good time."
  • She also said that, despite what social media sleuths might think, she is not dating Austen, but added that she wasn't "mad" at the rumors. (Sounds like something might be going on there.)

Yes, Ciara Has Always Been This Messy

Finally, the thing on everyone's mind... Ciara's bed.

  • Ciara revealed that her mom was not at all surprised to see her Summer House bed covered in clothes. "She was like, 'That's Ciara,'" she said.
  • The reality star only had one small closet to put her things in and "very few hangers," which made the whole putting away clothes thing difficult. "It just became a battle that I was like, fuck it. It's going to go on the bed and I don't care."

Finally, the messy girl representation we've been waiting for.

What do you think will go down on Winter House? Do you buy that Ciara and Luke are over for good? Are you also a messy girl who lives for drama? Go off in the comments and join the conversation.


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