Were Hannah & Luke Ever "Together"? We (And Bravo) Have The Receipts

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Were Hannah & Luke Ever "Together"? We (And Bravo) Have The Receipts

Three episodes into Season 5, and Hannah and Luke's relationship on Summer House has never been more confusing. They were "together" in Season 4, but at the same time, they were not at all "together." They flirted, but never had sex. They were best friends, but they also hooked up. They volleyed, on the tennis court and between the sheets.

They just never had a label for their relationship in Season 4 because Luke was still “fucked up” (his words, and mine) from his ex-girlfriend and he didn’t want to get into anything serious... and Hannah said she was cool with that.

Fast forward to Summer House Season 5. Luke has brought Ciara into the house and very clearly wants to "pursue it," as he told his mom via FaceTime on Thursday. Hannah is questioning everything she thought about her situationship with Luke from last summer, and it’s a he-said, she-said type of thing that's consuming their house and mine.

But, because everything last season was caught on camera, there are receipts. Meaning, Season 5 has a lot of Season 4 flashbacks. Like, a lot. It feels like half of each episode is in that weird, grayed-out, not-quite-sepia flashback filter.

Whenever Season 5 Hannah talks to Season 5 Luke, Bravo pauses and shows us what Season 4 Hannah and Season 4 Luke were saying last summer. The Summer House footage editors are doing the lord’s work. And by "lord" I mean Andy.

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