Craig's 'Summer House' Reign Of Terror Ends & Andrea Knows Just What To Do

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Craig's 'Summer House' Reign Of Terror Ends & Andrea Knows Just What To Do

They say nothing good ever happens after midnight, and guys, it's 2:08 A.M in the Summer House, so you do the math. Shit is going down down. Let's do a quick refresh on where we left off with everyone last week: Sweetie chef Robert came to surprise Danielle for their one year anniversary, Lindsay Hubbard wants to fuck everyone and everything she sees, Carl Radke is our consistent king, and Alex "Trap City" Wach is somewhere eating 17 pounds of ground turkey.

And of course, we can't forget the major dramzzzz: Craig Conover shirtless, drinking a Coors Light and gaslighting the fuck out of Paige DeSorbo regarding the possibility that he is hooking up with Kristin Cavallari. What an insane crossover, I don't know if I have fully even processed it, honestly. Like Kristin, from Laguna Beach fame is sleeping with Craig? (She denies it, by the way, which is just so great.) It's not A-Rod and Madison LeCroy level of shock, but still. Wow. Ok moving on.

So, after Craig's drunken tirade where he calls Lindsay a loser repeatedly, and tells Paige she is weak, they decide to take this chat to another room where Paige straight up asks if "he is still fucking her?" And he proceeds to give the speech that I could recite in my god damn sleep. It's the one every guy gives who is not your "boyfriend" but has the all the benefits and privileges of being your boyfriend and he doesn't want to lose that. He starts off by reminding her they aren't exclusive but don't worry Paige... he took you to a baseball game. WHAT. A baseball game? Men are so weird. They will literally do the bare minimum and be like "see you're different!" But it's like, OK then date me you fucking idiot. Sigh.

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