Craig Conover's Gaslighting Is Triggering

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Craig Conover's Gaslighting Is Triggering

The Fourth of July is a three or four day weekend for many, but I swear to God it feels like we've been celebrating America's birthday with our Summer House crew for what feels like eternity. And I don't hate it. Last episode, we left off with Amanda Batula face-chugging out of what looked to be a gallon of Fireball, Ciara Miller getting very flirty with King Carl Radke while he made hotdogs, Lindsay Hubbard flashing her titties to everyone and Danielle Olivera and her boyfriend Robert fighting about how little time he spends at home. Oh, and Andrea Denver still holding an ice pack to his nose.

This episode, we start with Amanda forcing others to face-chug from a gallon of Fireball on their way out of the house, and Andrea still nursing his nose. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Before I get into Monday night's recap, I want to start off by saying this: I fucking hate the Carl and Ciara trying-to-date thing. It's weird, it feels set up, and it just seems like they are two hot people who recognize the other is hot. I don't see any chemistry, connection, nothin'. So I will not be commenting on this fauxlationship any further! Stan Lindsay and Carl for clear skin!

I want to start by saying hats off to Amanda, because I don't know if I could've been able to be that drunk, and not pull my fiancé away for chat to discuss what has gone on that weekend. But honestly, I worry about their lack of chatting, because the more days that pass and the less Kyle and Amanda talk about what took place on night one, I feel like the worse it gets.

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