6 Important Takeaways From Hannah Berner's Daily Beast Interview

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6 Important Takeaways From Hannah Berner's Daily Beast Interview

A month after announcing she was leaving Summer House, Hannah Berner is looking back on her tumultuous last season on the Bravo show, and she has some, uh, interesting things to say. From why she felt so blindsided at the Summer House Season 5 reunion, to her stand-up career, to which reality TV show alum she turned to when the fans started to turn on her, Hannah is getting it all out there, seemingly in the hopes of putting the season behind her once and for all.

In the interview, Hannah talked about her engagement and her upcoming standup tour, but let's not kid ourselves. I know what you came here for. Here are the most revealing quotes from Hannah Berner's new Daily Beast interview looking back at Summer House Season 5.

On Filming The Reunion

Hannah did not mince words, calling filming the reunion special "eight hours of torture," and saying that her goal going into it was "to diffuse and listen."

She also said she was surprised that Lindsay, Carl Radke, and Danielle Olivera went after her, claiming she "never had any beef with them." Keep in mind, she did spread a rumor that an Instagram psychic (??) told her Luke Gulbranson had hooked up with Lindsay Hubbard (????), so, I'm not sure her definition of "beef" is really the same as theirs.

On The Season 4 Drama

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Throughout the interview, Hannah seemed willing to admit that she might have taken things too far, like when she and her now-fiancé Des Bishop hooked up in Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke's bathroom. (Hannah insists they didn't have sex, but she previously told Us Weekly that she did "regret going into Kyle and Amanda's bathroom.") But, it sounds like she's still confused as to why Luke, Kyle, Amanda, and others don't want to be friends with her anymore. "Obviously watching it back was hard and different than what I thought," she said. Still, she insisted, "there weren't any really deep things that I thought happened that we couldn't move past." Cue a collective Summer House sigh.

On That Luke Gulbranson "Joke"

Addressing her cold comments on Luke's mental health, made on a podcast, but dredged up at the reunion, Hannah was more contrite. "You have to reflect and you have to learn. Jokes definitely miss."

On Dealing With Fan Backlash

How does a reality star deal with the public turning on them? Well, they ask other reality stars for help! In Hannah's case, she apparently turned to Bachelor alum Blake Horstmann, aka the guy who may have hooked up with one too many other Bach alums at Stagecoach that one time. "He had a great season and then he was crucified during Bachelor in Paradise, especially online," Berner told The Daily Beast, saying that he opened up to her about the aftermath. "He said he didn't get out of bed for three months, and how hard it was."

In the end, Blake gave Hannah some perspective, mainly that it's all about what the producers want you to be, not who you are. If you're a hero of the show, they'll make you look better than you are, and if you're the villain, they'll make you look worse. "When people love you, they don't know you," she explained, adding, "People who hate you, they don't know you."

"The people who are my huge fans, I love them, but I'm not as great as they think I am. For the people who hate me, I swear to God I'm not as bad as you think I am."

On Why She Joined Summer House In The First Place

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While defending herself, Hannah said she "never went on the show to be perfect," adding, "I went on the show to show that I deal with depression, I have anxiety, I make mistakes. I want to show that women can be strong, can be athletic, we can be funny, we can be angry, we can be annoying, we can be silly. Women are just so much more complex characters than the villain, or the heroine, or the woman who needs help." Ah, yes, the old, "I'm going on reality TV because feminism" excuse.

Look, I'm not saying Hannah couldn't have really wanted to do all of that on Summer House, but this seems like a secondary reason at best. It's OK, Hannah, we won't judge you if you say you just wanted to kick start your comedy career! You can be feminist and want to play the game to get ahead.

On Returning To Bravo

Things between Hannah and her Summer House co-stars might be rocky, and Hannah's very — very — excited to give stand up a real shot, but that doesn't mean she's ready to swear off reality TV forever. "Bravo and I are on very good terms," she said. "They've let me know there's definitely a door open because you never know with life."

I'm not surprised Bravo would be willing to take Hannah back. Her endless drama and new villain status would definitely have people tuning in. I'm just surprised Hannah is already talking about a reality TV comeback. Is there something you're not sharing, Hannah? Perhaps you have a show of your own you'd like to pitch?

I give her a year until she's back stirring things up on Bravo, whether it's on Summer House or somewhere else. And I absolutely can't wait.


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