All The Ways Hannah Berner Played Herself During The 'Summer House' Reunion

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All The Ways Hannah Berner Played Herself During The 'Summer House' Reunion

I've been off and on with Summer House's Hannah Berner this entire season. One episode I love her, the next, not so much. It's the Luke of it all, it's the Des stuff, it's the Amanda stuff... But here’s what I always remind myself: several things can be true at once. Hannah can be unhinged, Luke can be a fuckboy, and Kyle and the rest of the house can add fuel to the fire sometimes, but be totally right another. And during part one of the Season 5 reunion, it all came to a head.

Now, it's hard to watch people get ganged up on (and Hannah was definitely ganged up on during the reunion) but what made it even harder to watch was seeing Hannah constantly stepping in her own shit. She just couldn’t stay out of her own way! She could've come into the reunion with an ounce of humility and self- awareness, but instead, she doubled down on everything.

It was like watching a slow motion train wreck, if the train had on mascara and refused to take accountability for anything its done in the last nine months.

Here's a list of all the times Hannah basically fucked herself over during the reunion, part one.

1) Denying Her Role In The Luke Drama

To be clear, I'm more Team Hannah when it comes to choosing between her and Team Luke, but her dismissive lack of ownership when it came to addressing the conflicts between the narrative she perpetuated on the show (Luke fucked her over) and the narrative behind-the-scenes (she was dating, and sleeping with, other people) was astounding.

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