Everything We Learned From Hannah Berner & Des Bishop's New Interview

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Everything We Learned From Hannah Berner & Des Bishop's New Interview

Hannah Berner might have kept her new man away from Summer House, but now that she's engaged, she isn't holding anything back. In their first joint podcast interview with Girls Gotta Eat, Hannah Berner and Des Bishop spilled all the tea about their relationship, and how it survived production on Summer House's Season 5.

Hannah and Des announced their engagement on Wednesday, March 3, after a whirlwind pandemic romance. The move shocked viewers, who are still in the midst of watching Hannah's back and forth with her Summer House co-star Luke Gulbranson. And it also reportedly shocked her other co-stars. "I think we were just as surprised as everybody else," Carl Radke told Access Hollywood, reacting to the engagement news. "There's definitely some interesting overlap that I would have been burned at the cross for. But she's happy and that's all that matters," he added, seemingly alluding to Hannah's onscreen flirtations with Luke this season.

It's true that Hannah's time filming Season 5 of Summer House did overlap with her relationship with Des, and that's just one of the many things they revealed during this new interview. Here's what you really need to know:

Who Is Des Bishop?

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The interview was mainly focused on Hannah and Des' relationship, but they did reveal a few fun facts about Des on the way:

  • Despite what you may have heard, Des is not an "Irish comedian." He's actually from Queens, New York, but he did move to Ireland as a teenager and that's where he started his stand-up career. According to him, he's "quite well known in Ireland," but less so in the States.
  • He went to college with Cillian Murphy.
  • He's a cancer survivor.
  • He likes to foster pit bulls.

Hannah First Saw Des 5 Years Ago

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