'Summer House' Recap: The House Is Upside Down

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'Summer House' Recap: The House Is Upside Down

Summer House is really one of those shows that I find so comforting. There's drama but not too much, there's partying, but we also see them work their day jobs, and it just never feels too heavy and toxic. It’s just my perfect sweet spot between mindlessly watching and yet being incredibly invested in the inner workings of the house. It is with great honor that I present my Summer House recap of Season 5, Episode 4: "Trash Talk."

Which BTW, let's talk about the house. As resident fuckboy Luke Bobby said this week, “the house is upside down”, and I HATE to admit it but he’s right. It honestly reminds me of a house I built on the SIMS in like sixth grade. It’s just bizarre. Then again, if someone paid me to live there for six weeks, you bet your ass I would be there double fisting Loverboys.

First let me start by saying, I love Danielle, but this girl makes me feel like the laziest human alive. When she's not working, she's doing squats in-between conference calls. She is the literal definition of rise and grind. AND she's still always down for whatever when it comes to having a good time. Bless her.

I personally still silently root for her and Hot Carl to get back together. They might have just been “right people, wrong time” and now that he’s got his shit together, who knows! We root for love in this house!

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