Here's Where Austen Kroll & Ciara Miller Stand Today

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Here's Where Austen Kroll & Ciara Miller Stand Today

After the BS that Austen Kroll pulled in Summer House, everyone seems to be over him at this point, including his best friend Craig Conover, let alone Austen's exes (if we can call them that?) Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard. Austen was so offensive on Summer House that even Craig didn't speak to him for two months after he kissed Lindsay and disrespected Ciara, Craig revealed on WWHL. I am curious though, where do Ciara and Austen stand now?

We know that Craig and Austen made up (they're back together on their Pillows and Beer live tour); Austen and Lindsay are still rocky (Austen slighted her on WWHL back in November, which led to Lindsay blocking him on social media – and when Lindsay and Carl were on WWHL last month, she alluded to it still being touch and go between she and Austen); but what about Ciara??

It's obvious they're not together after everything that went down. Austen is also rumored to be seeing his new cast mate Olivia Flowers. But do they even communicate at all? Let's find out!

They still follow each on IG...

This is good sign because a lot of times after a beef, people unfollow each other. Lindsay and Austen still do not follow each other.

Ciara Says...

[video Embed]

Ciara spoke to US Weekly before Summer House premiered and said that she and Austen were "good." She added that, "We definitely had to have like, a very long conversation, but we're definitely better than like, how we left the summer."

Austen Says...

Austen has been quiet in the media as of late, but back in November 2021, Austen told People that you can "never say never" when it comes to Ciara and him. He also said that, "Craig thinks I'm going to end up with her."

Although this interview was for Winter House, Summer House had already filmed at this point. meaning the drama we see unfold on our screens had already happened when this interview took place.

I also want to point out that Ciara and Austen have already wrapped filming on Winter House Season 2 so hopefully everything is water under the bridge. But if not, Ciara, this f boi is not worth the energy.

Images: Bravo

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