Austen Reveals What Lindsay Said To Him Backstage At 'WWHL'

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Austen Reveals What Lindsay Said To Him Backstage At 'WWHL'

The things I do. So, I watched the Austen Kroll and Craig Conover live stream of their Pillows and Beers podcast, where they watch and react live to the episodes of Winter House and discuss things that happened behind-the-scenes and catch us up on what's happened since the episode aired. I hate to say it, but their live-stream... it's fucking fantastic.

I watched their recap of Episode 3 of Winter House and the Watch What Happens Live that aired after it, because I wanted to see if Austen had any response to Lindsay Hubbard's response to his WWHL performance. And of course, he does. But we'll get to that.To quickly refresh your memory: on WWHL, Andy Cohen, being shady as hell, per usual, played a game where Austen had to pick between Ciara Miller and Lindsay.

Andy asked things like, "who is the better cuddler?" "Whose eyes could you stare into longer?" and Austen chose Ciara every single time, except for the last question, "who frightens your friends the most?" where he chose Lindsay. And Lindsay was sitting front row in the audience the whole time, just smiling awkwardly. And you can tell Austen is panicking.

After this WWHL aired, Lindsay went on Kate Casey's Reality Life podcast and said that she's now taking a break from their friendship; that it was so hard for her to sit there while he basically embarrassed her on national television.

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