Who Is Team Kendall & Who Is Team Logan In 'Succession' Season 3?

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Who Is Team Kendall & Who Is Team Logan In 'Succession' Season 3?

It's official: our long national nightmare is over, and Succession is finally coming back with brand new episodes. Not only that, but HBO just announced the Succession Season 3 premiere date with three new posters teasing who the Roy family will support in the great war of Waystar Royco: Team Kendall or Team Logan.

Succession Season 3 will premiere Sunday, Oct. 17, and pick up where Season 2 left off: with Kendall deciding not to be the family's sacrificial lamb and betraying his dad in court. As the Roy family reels from the fallout of Kendall's decision, lines will be drawn, sides will be chosen, and the war between Logan and Kendall will be brutal, as teased in the Succession Season 3 trailer. And the new Season 3 art work gives some hints as to who will choose what side... sort of.

While announcing the premiere date, HBO also released three different Season 3 posters, all featuring the same basic set up: Logan and Kendall walking down a hallway with a line drawn down the middle. The left is Team Kendall, the right Team Logan. The twist? The people on either side varies in all posters.

Succession Season 3 Poster — Option 1:

[rich Embed]

The official Succession Twitter version of the poster has Shiv, Connor, and Greg standing behind Kendall, with Roman and Tom walking behind Roy.

Likelihood of alliance: High. Honestly, this team breakdown makes a lot of sense. Greg already turned on Logan by helping Kendall in the Season 2 finale, so that alliance is already a done deal. (Greg is the only character who is on the same side in every poster.) In the preview, Shiv suggests that she'd be willing to back Kendall if he puts her in charge, and Connor, well, let's face it, he's easy to lobby.

Meanwhile, Tom is just strong-willed enough to maybe dare go against his wife after Season 2, while also being too weak-willed to stand up to Logan, and Roy will go where the power is.

Succession Season 3 Poster — Option 2:

[rich Embed]

On Instagram, the lines are drawn very differently, with Roman and Greg on Team Kendall, and Connor, Shiv, and Tom on Team Logan.

Likelihood of alliance: Medium. My knee-jerk reaction to this alliance is that Roman is too smart to align himself with... Kendall and Greg and no one else. Unless he's convinced he can steer the ship and take over without anyone else noticing.

Succession Season 3 Poster — Option 3:

[rich Embed]

Finally, the official poster released by HBOPR's twitter account (and also the only one currently available to download off their official press website), features Kendall with only Greg and Tom as allies, and his siblings Roman, Connor, and Shiv lined up firmly behind dear old dad.

Likelihood of alliance: Low. OK, at first glance, this seems like the most likely breakdown of where everyone will land, which is why I don't think that's how it's going to go. I can, however, see this as how the alliances start at the beginning of Season 3.

Releasing three different posters is pure chaotic genius, and my first instinct was that it was to confuse us and throw us off the scent. But, looking at these posters in succession (sorry not sorry), it's possible that they show the evolution of the Roy family war. This is Succession we're talking about. Do we really think that the Roys are going to stay loyal for an entire season?


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