'Succession' Season 3 Has A Premiere Date — Kinda

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'Succession' Season 3 Has A Premiere Date — Kinda

To quote Kendall Roy, "The revolution will be televised"... sometime... in October. After years of anticipation and wait, Succession Season 3 finally has a premiere date. Or, at least, a premiere month.

New episodes of Succession Season 3 will premiere in October, per the show's official Twitter account. When in October, you ask? No idea! It could literally be any of the month's 31 days. All we know for sure right now is that Succession will return in October, and, according to the first look photo released alongside the release month, Logan Roy does not look especially pleased about it.

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This is either the face of a man questioning HBO's decision not to reveal the actual premiere date, or that of a corporate CEO contemplating the betrayal of the son he wanted to scapegoat for all his misdeeds. Either way, the release date remains a mystery. Even my attempts at beating the system and looking through the official HBO TV schedule came up empty. (The calendar stops at Monday, Oct. 4.)

Assuming Succession will take over HBO's coveted Sunday night schedule, it doesn't look like it will premiere before then. Currently, the primetime slot is being filled by Spike Lee's 4-part docuseries NYC Epicenters 9/11-2021 1/2. Once that ends in September, it looks like HBO will give some airtime to Scenes From a Marriage, the HBO Max drama starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain. That show will end Oct. 10, so I'm thinking Succession Season 3 should arrive either Oct. 17 or 24.

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I don't know for sure when Season 3 of Succession will premiere, but I do know this: after a year+ in quarantine, it'll be fun to watch family drama that isn't my own.


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Image: Courtesy of HBO

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