Wait, Is Greg Still Working For Waystar Royco In 'Succession' Season 3?

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Wait, Is Greg Still Working For Waystar Royco In 'Succession' Season 3?

What shenanigans is Cousin Greg getting himself into now? Last we saw of that beautiful Ichabod Crane on Succession, he was exhibiting his most wily of "Macchiavellian fuck" tendencies and sinking the disgustingly toxic Waystar ship for good – and we don't just mean their Cruise lines. By teaming up with Kendall to presumably bring Logan down at a jaw-dropping press conference in the Season 2 finale, one would think Greg would have bid adieu to that nasty nest of Roy vipers for good, right? Well according to Nicholas Braun's Instagram, Greg is working at Waystar Royco... so, what gives?

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Posing in front of a Waystar Royco sign in all of his six foot seven, suited up glory, Braun captioned the picture, "I am an employee of this company, and that's all I can say about that!"

If that's all you can say about it, Greggy Boy, then it says a lot. Because if we're really examining the grammar here, Greg the Egg said "I am" an employee of this company, as in the present tense. Not a throwback using "was" or "can't wait to be" or "miss my days filling doggie bags full of snacks." No, he said he still is under the employ of Waystar Royco, which leaves me thinking... did he and Waystar not go their separate ways after that explosive Season 2 finale?

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