Is Cousin Greg A Good Person Or A Bad Person On 'Succession'?

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Is Cousin Greg A Good Person Or A Bad Person On 'Succession'?

As Cher quizzically ponders midway through the 1995 classic Clueless, what makes someone a better person? Are you defined by the company you keep? Does inherently being a good person cancel out wicked deeds? Well, on HBO's Succession, a poisonous bite from the nest of Roy vipers can indeed contract you not only with the virus of knowing what went down on Waystar Royco's cruise lines, but also with a tendency to veer towards the avaricious rather than stay on the moral high ground.

And caught directly in those crosshairs is dear old Gregory S. Hirsch, Succession's tangential Roy who can't catch a break in this family of Logan-pleasers. This kid has been through the ringer the last two seasons of Succession, thanks to his power-hungry relatives who are each jockeying to become Daddy Logan Roy's number one boy (or girl, in Shiv's case). He's been mocked for his deck shoes, become Ken's coke delivery boy, and was even deemed a sprinkle in a metaphorical ice cream sundae. He's at least the banana.

But due to being sidelined and trying to stay in the game, this bumbling Hirsch's ambition has grown, inciting him to commit blackmail and leave California Pizza Kitchen in the dust. What happened to the guy who preferred Cajun chicken linguini to a rare fried songbird?

I'd argue that we can't judge Greg solely on his status as the Frankenstein-like monster his circumstances created. Rather, it's fair to recognize that in Greg surrounding himself with the most conniving of manipulators, they've ingrained in him that he's got to buck up and become a "Machiavellian fuck" just to survive.

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