These 'Succession' Theories Could Spell A Bad Season 3 For Kendall

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These 'Succession' Theories Could Spell A Bad Season 3 For Kendall

It’s officially been over a year since a new episode of HBO’s Succession has hit the airwaves and the withdrawal is real. Like Kendall Roy settling for Cousin Greg’s “park coke” to tide him over until he can get the good stuff, soon Succession fans will be forced to binge on Billions until we can have our fix. But, good news: the good stuff is coming. After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, production is finally ramping up again. Alan Ruck (who plays Connor Roy) told People TV that Succession will start filming Season 3 in New York in mid-November.

With all this time to focus on the storyline for the new season, the expectations could not be higher, which makes showrunner Jesse Armstrong a bit nervous. In a recent interview with Variety, he shared, “We are letting the work expand to fill the acres of time we’ve suddenly found. I’m probably making no more progress than if I’d had six weeks instead of the six months that we’ve had,” he said.

To add to these high stakes and high expectations, this year the show received 18 Emmy Award nominations and took home 7 wins, including the group’s Outstanding Drama win and Jeremy Strong's win for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama for his portrayal of Kendall Roy. (Allow me to take a sentence here to appreciate and remember his impeccable taste in fashion during the virtual ceremony. That bowtie! Or was it a shirt? Maybe it was a scarf thing?? It doesn’t matter, our No. 1 Boy won.)

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