The 'Babe' References In 'Succession' Will Certainly Do

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The 'Babe' References In 'Succession' Will Certainly Do

Cousin Greg has already been established as a boar on the floor. But is he also Farmer Hoggett's prized sheep pig? Because when Greg met with his grandpa Ewan in "Mass in Time of War," James Cromwell brought the Babe references to Succession.

James Cromwell has had an illustrious acting career over the last 40-plus years. But you never forget your first Cromwell spotting. And thus, I shall forever associate him with Babe — the tale about a pig that thinks it's a dog and who goes on to win the local sheepherding competition.

Now, Ewan Roy is no Farmer Hoggett. Though, perhaps Farmer Hoggett — while loving Babe — hated capitalist pigs, too. But that didn't stop Ewan from uttering Cromwell's iconic Babe line to his bumbling grandson Greg after promising to secure him a lawyer. "That'll do," he says.

Rather than praising his piggy protégé, Ewan uttered this rather dismissively since he wanted to stop Greg from thanking him profusely. But considering this is the catchphrase that has followed the actor (not dissimilar to "Fuck off" for his beloved Succession brother Brian Cox), Cromwell uttering, "That'll do," in any context is more than welcome.

If you thought this was all some sort of coincidence and not direct Babe manipulation on part of the Succession writers, may I direct you to Exhibit B? When Greg met his grandfather outside of the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, he seemingly gave Babe stans a reference to the sequel, Babe: Pig in the City, with the line, "Big gramps in the big city."

"That'll do" and Gramps in the city? What is this, a crossover episode?

Even if Succession fans aren't supposed to be weeping remembering the joy and sweetness of the 1996 Best Picture nominee (it lost to Braveheart... which starred none other than Cox), Ewan is using Greg as his little piggy. By hitching Greg the Egg's wagon to lawyer Roger Pugh, Ewan's trying to bring his brother Logan down. It's doubtful that Greg will stick with this plan of attack since he's gotta look out for number one. But for now: That'll do, Greg. That'll do.

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