Austen Explains Why There’s No Beer On Pillows And Beer

I needed to know why Austen and Craig had no promo of Austen’s beer in sight so I went to the source directly. Here’s what he said

‘We decided to use this photo bc we’ve been using it as our podcast picture since the beginning. So we wanted to use the same picture that people recognized as being synonymous with our podcast. It was like with filming Southern Charm this season. I could only wear a Trop Hop T shirt or hat so much, IMO, before it became like okkkk we get it ! But YES! We are working on having the beer available at all tour stops, we’re working with area distributors to make that happen!’

So if you go see the boys taping be on the lookout for some TROP HOP. And if you get to taste it — lmk how it is!