Can Someone Hire Craig Conover To Be Their Lawyer, STAT

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Can Someone Hire Craig Conover To Be Their Lawyer, STAT

Have you spent hours of your precious time watching Craig Conover lie about taking the bar exam? Or get so belligerent at a Southern Charm reunion that even Shep Rose was fed up with him? You may very well be entitled to compensation!

Well, that's not true at all, but Craig, lawyer and founder of luxury throw pillow company, Sewing Down South, wants to help you with your legal troubles. Move over, Saul Goodman.

A day after news broke that he and Paige DeSorbo were "officially" dating (just weeks ahead of the Winter House premiere, which is a little suspect, but we'll let it slide for now), Craig took to Instagram to check in with his followers. Posting from his office, which he loves by the way, Craig began his Story by sharing some unsolicited advice about how to be more productive when working from home.

His big tip? Don't do it at all, and instead get an office or, if you're just not fortunate enough to lease work space in Charleston, a specific table in your house (what one normally calls a desk) to work from exclusively in order to stay focused. OK, Craig!

After then plugging the upcoming Winter House press tour — "You'll be seeing a lot more of us," he said, which seems like a cheeky little way of addressing his and Paige's "relationship" — he signed off, wishing his followers well. Don't ever say that Bravolebs don't have hustle, however misguided.

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But then Craig must have remembered the real reason he decided to make an Instagram Story in the first place (focus, Craig!) and added two more slides to his story where he said:

"I wish you all happiness and health, obviously, but if you have any trouble with workers comp or personal injury concerns, any questions at all, give our office a call and we'll see if it's something we can help you out with."

First of all, thank you for the well wishes, Craig. Also, the phone lines are open 24 hours a day, Craig shared, which is an especially nice touch if I do say so myself. If I get hurt on the job, you better believe I'm calling Conover Law Firm, where Craig is nothing if not ready and willing to help me out, provided he is sitting at his special work table.

I don't know what kind of law I assumed Craig would be practicing once he finally stopped procrastinating and took the bar exam, but the fact that it's a personal injury law firm with a catchy little phone number (can't you just hear the "8-8-8-8!" jingle now?) is highly amusing to me.

Let's just hope someone actually answers if you call. The red light on his work phone blinked throughout his 7-slide Instagram Story, indicating that someone was either calling or on hold the whole time, if my memories of my past life as an office receptionist serve me well.

It blinks throughout. 

I love this weird little pillow craftsman so darn much. (Maybe Paige really does, too.)

P.S., I do not endorse Craig Conover for legal assistance, but I'd love to hear the story if you do hire him.

Images: Craig Conover/Instagram

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