Craig Conover's Law Firm Commercial: Let's Discuss

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Craig Conover's Law Firm Commercial: Let's Discuss

I love Craig Conover. I turn to him for eye makeup trends. I turn to him for decorative pillows (I own two). I turned to him last summer for some mildly entertaining, often concerning Instagram Lives with Austen Kroll. And now I can turn to him if I'm ever seeking financial compensation for a personal injury I may get while riding on a golf cart through the streets of Charleston with Little Craig on my lap. And I know all this because Southern Charm's Craig has a law firm commercial that puts a certain 1-800-888-8888 jingle to shame.

Allow me to break this ad down in all its glory, one line at a time.

Hi. I'm attorney Craig Conover.

I know that!

You may recognize me from TV.

Indeed I do.

Or from my brand Sewing Down South.

Also yes. Great subtle plug of the brand, too.

What you probably don't know is that I'm also a personal injury lawyer.

Well, I said yes to the first two... so I did know this as well. In fact, I've literally been covering your journey to lawyer-dom since 2015. But for the sake of the commercial... Oh my god, I had no idea!

Here's the deal. If you get hurt in a car wreck, or on the job, you need someone you can rely on. That's me.

No argument here. I've seen you be there for Kathryn, whether she deserved it or not.

If you've been injured, call me today at 843-829-HURT.


Remember: Don't get run over. Call Conover.

Moving past the fact that we've rhymed "over" with... -over, the statements actually work against each other, Craig! I wouldn't need to call you if I don't get run over, as you advise. If you get run over, call Conover. There we go.

OK, I'll just let you watch the commercial now, which I saw courtesy of @MorganPTalks on TikTok, via the Juicy Scooper's Facebook group.

[rich Embed]

Thoughts on the rhyming? Experience with calling him up? Prone to personal injury litigation with opinions on his Jack from 30 Rock-style hand placement? Let us know in the comments.

Images: Craig Conover/Instagram

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