The 'Siesta Key' Producers Seemed To Forget That Juliette & Jordana Were Never Friends...

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The 'Siesta Key' Producers Seemed To Forget That Juliette & Jordana Were Never Friends...

Thursday night’s episode was so cringey. I kind of figured it would be, as Juliette Porter settled back into the Siesta Key drama after her time in France, but didn't expect it to be as awkward as it was. Damn.

And, I was not expecting to see Meghan Bischoff again, either. It’s almost like she moved in or something and honestly, it was so weird. After Cara told Jordana about how Meghan dates rich older guys so that they buy her expensive things, and then knowing as we do that she lives the life of luxury when she’s with Sam; fast cars, fancy dinners, yacht parties, and a role on a reality show? If those are the kinds of things you're looking for in a relationship (no shame) then Sam is a great option.

That, and Amanda shared that Sam told Juliette he still loved her and was sick of being with girls like Meghan, so he obviously, isn’t looking to date Meghan long term and I honestly think she knows that, too.

Meanwhile, Juliette saw Sam and Meghan's romance unfold while she was in Paris, and even though she should have been living her best life in one of the top fashion cities in the world, she admitted when she got back that she actually sat on the floor of her hotel and cried.

Yet, I actually agree with Amanda that whatever Sam thinks he’s doing to make Juliette miss him is actually helping her move on even more. Sure, she may have shed a tear or two, but at this point if she isn’t done with him, yikes. Sam literally had girls in his bed two days after they broke up, according to Juliette, so why in the world would she ever want to be with someone who could try and replace her with the snap of his fingers? Let’s not forget that Sam didn’t even hesitate to bring Meghan around the entire group while Juliette was in Paris, even around some of her best friends. Now, that's pretty bad, even for a Siesta Key storyline.

Also, need I remind you of the run in Juliette had with Jordana when they all got together for Amanda’s end of summer party? I didn’t even know they were close enough for Juliette to be mad over Jordana being friends with Meghan. Last time I checked, they weren’t friends at all because Juliette was jealous of how close Jordana was with Sam. So, editors definitely messed that one up because I was freakin’ confused the entire time Juliette was giving her the “you’re not sorry” speech.

Like, why would Jordana be sorry for hanging out with her childhood bestie Sam if she was never friends with Juliette? Something is off for me here.

The attempted hug was weird to watch, too, because Sam went from kissing Meghan to wanting to talk to Juliette at Amanda’s party. Not only that, but he tried to hug her and when she dodged him, he got upset like he didn’t break her heart while she was abroad? Please.

Also, did anyone else find those exposed texts between Sam and Juliette weird? Like, I could have sworn he had told her he was going to come to Paris and obviously he didn’t… what was up with that? The texts were so awkward and cryptic to me in some parts; I didn’t fully get what the hell they were even saying.

When we saw Juliette texting Sam at the end of the episode... honestly, I wanted to just pretend it never happened. I get that it’s hard to move on from someone you were with for a year and that you loved, but texting them because you miss them is not going to fix the situation you’re both in, so lose the number! All these two are going to do is hurt each other again and honestly, that’s going to be so painful to watch. I’m so emotionally drained from all of these Siesta heartbreaks, y'all. Let’s just buckle up and get ready for the explosion that is JAM together, and see what happens.

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