Meghan Bischoff Might Not Be As Innocent As She Seems

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Meghan Bischoff Might Not Be As Innocent As She Seems

After last week and last night’s episodes of Siesta Key, it seems like Sam Logan and Juliette Porter are over for good. As Sam told Juliette, he just doesn't see a future with her, and it's over.

That said, Siesta Key relationships are never really over. Couples break up, then they get back together; it’s a vicious cycle that no one seems to be able to escape in this group. But, maybe Sam is different. Maybe when he says it's over, it really is over.

Enter: Sam's new love interest, Meghan Bischoff. We’ve been seeing her all over Sam’s Instagram Stories and apparently, so has Juliette. That’s a huge YIKES on Mike and Sam’s part, but we’ll get to pot-stirring Mike Vazquez in a second.

While the girls had a day of making crafts with flowers,(even Kelsey and Chloe were hanging out, crazy!) Sam was on a yacht with Cara, Jordana, Meghan and some other people we don’t know just yet.

Now, not only did Juliette see this on social media, but she also seemed to be really hurt by it. The social media gloating was so bad, that even Juliette’s best friend Lexie Salameh was furious with her boyfriend, the one and only Mike, for being the one to post all of it.

Lexie went to lunch with Mike and she let him know right away that posting Sam and his “rebound” Meghan all over Instagram was rude and disrespectful, telling him it even makes her feel uncomfortable, let alone Juliette.

Now, let’s get to the question we want answered: Who the hell is Meghan and where did she come from? Apparently, Sam has known Meghan for a few years now and he met her at a party in Sarasota, but she lives in Miami. She seems super sweet, but I couldn’t help but cringe because in my opinion, dating a cast member equals screen time and I think that may be what all of this is about. I’m just saying that if Meghan is okay with hooking up with Sam when he’s not officially broken up with Juliette, why else would she let it slide? Like I said, she seems sweet, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t know a huge gain when she sees one and if I’m right, she’s pretty smart, to be honest.

Now, Jordana is the one who asked how Meghan even knew Sam and honestly, I’m definitely sensing a little jealousy in her department. Not only is she eyeing Meghan the entire time, but when Cara is telling Jordana that Juliette is going to kill her for hanging out with Sam, Jordana seems to have complete tunnel vision when she sees Sam cuddling with Meghan. Now we get it, Sam is the new bachelor of Siesta Key, but I swear I’ve tried to warn all of these girls that Juliette never loses.

This whole storyline between Sam, Juliette, Jordana, and now Meghan has me intrigued and it’s only the beginning. Now, I’m waiting for Amanda to enter the chat and put Meghan in her place – which we saw happen in the season trailer– because I just know it’ll be worth every second of screen time. I honestly don’t think Meghan is completely prepared to deal with this group or the fans of the show and even if she is, good luck: No one ever comes out of this show unscathed and she seems way too nice to be in their drama.

So, what do we think? Is Meghan going to last on Siesta Key or is she totally getting voted off the island? If Amanda doesn’t scare her, she might be giving us and Juliette a run for our money this season.

Image: Meghan Bischoff/Instagram

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