'Siesta Key' Recap: And That's A Wrap On Chloe Trautman

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'Siesta Key' Recap: And That's A Wrap On Chloe Trautman

Tonight’s episode of Siesta Key (Season 4, Episode 3 “Here’s The Thing With Prenup") wasn’t that dramatic, but it did provide a nice breather from all of the back and forth between Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens, that’s for sure. That said, in this respite of an ep, there were still some tears shed and some cringe-worthy moments — and yeah, Chloe Trautman basically quits the show and some new love is in the air — so let’s unpack it all.

To pre or not to prenup, that is the question

Pre-YUP or pre-NOPE? To Ish Soto, it seemed to be a hell no. Madisson Hausburg’s dad came around on the age difference, which is a huge step, but his approval still came with a contingency: a prenup.

Madisson was super nervous and uncomfortable when she had to ask her fiancée if he would sign one, even though Ish has made that pretty clear that he’s not in it for her money. Ish also made it very clear that he did not need any financial help with the wedding, too. Do we think he’ll sign one? Gonna go with "yes" on this one.

Chloe is DONE

When Chloe Trautman dropped her news (she has a habit of dropping iconic truth bombs on the show) I almost dropped this hot tea.

At the beginning of the episode, Chloe tells her best friends Amanda Miller and Juliette that she’s trying to change and she wants to extract herself from The Drama that is their friend group. Chloe also states that she was disappointed and hurt by them because they didn’t have her back through her ~journey into her new positive life~. To be honest, I can’t blame Amanda and Juliette for being a little sus of Chloe… people do not change overnight, no matter how many wellness retreats they either host or attend.

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