3 Times 'Siesta Key' Stars Made Us Question How "Real" Their Reality Show Is

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3 Times 'Siesta Key' Stars Made Us Question How "Real" Their Reality Show Is

Not all of reality TV is, well, reality. Take Laguna Beach, for example. Some of the cast have openly admitted that things were manipulated by directors and producers to make for the most interesting show.

Siesta Key may not be so exempt from this, as the stars of the show have taken to Twitter a few times to clarify certain storylines, whether it be to explain moments that were cut from the show, or even orchestrated drama. With this in mind, I decided to look back at all of the times the Siesta Key cast has had something to say about how things were portrayed on the show, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at just how real reality TV can be.

The Bikini Collab

In Season 4, Juliette and Kelsey had drama before the intro song even finished, all of it stemming from their competitive swimwear lines. Juliette had started a line and knew it was Kelsey’s dream, but took the spotlight anyway without caring about her former BFF or her feelings.

During the first couple of episodes, Kelsey tweeted that she never wanted it to become a competition and Juliette was the one making everything competitive between the two, which is pretty obvious as the episodes go on.

In May, Kelsey took to Twitter to clarify that she had reached out to Juliette for a collaboration on a swimwear line, but was shot down by Juliette. It all happened before filming, and once cameras started rolling, the collab wasn't mentioned.

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